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Recent content by Chris.S

  1. Chris.S

    Bird Song Help UK 🇬🇧

    The very first part? Sounds like a Carrion Crow, i've heard them near me do this strange call before. Here is a very similar one i found on xeno-canto
  2. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Have been doing a bit of Macro with the camera latey and quite impressed with the results. Also i know it's easy, large subjects, but pleased with these Gannet shots too.
  3. Chris.S

    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2020 edition)

    I had Puffin at Redcar on 1st, my only addition for UK list.
  4. Chris.S

    Bird on love bird live webcam (Japan)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm_RPOVlbGQ Found this after a quick search
  5. Chris.S

    Best 2019 bridge cameras for birding

    I went from SX50 to SX60 (barely any difference) and have had the Sony RX10iv since October and really impressed with it, especially birds in flight. I wouldn't have even attempted some of the shots i've been getting recently with the RX10iv with the SX50/60. My Flickr with recent RX10iv...
  6. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Attempted Sand Martins in flight today at a local colony, pretty pleased with the results i got, also the ones that came out best were from following the bird with a blue/sky background before going in front of the cliff edges and the camera kept it's focus. Noticing a lot of noise in the...
  7. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Definitely, have just taken these this afternoon with dark skies and rain, bird was about 20ft away. https://www.flickr.com/photos/charlesbeams87/44137011760/in/dateposted/ Also yesterday had the chance to photo a very tame Night Heron in a local park, the photo linked had the sun behind it...
  8. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Thanks, continuous mode (24fps) was on yes and the bird was available for a couple of hours, although i spent around 45minutes watching and attempting photos of it.
  9. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Had fun watching this Little Swift flying within feet at Hartlepool today. Took plenty of pics but it was difficult following it at times and almost impossible to follow when there was a darker background, mainly rocks and pavement, but think i did pretty well to follow it. Pretty heavy crops...
  10. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Thought i'd got some nice Pied Wagtail flight shots today, was focused on the bird while it was on the rock, but as i followed it, it seems to have focused on the sand |:|| Images are cropped and slightly sharpened.
  11. Chris.S

    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    My first images using this camera after changing from SX60, pleased overall so far, specially as weather hasn't been great since i got it so not really had a good chance to try it with good lighting. The blackbirds and sparrows were taken through a window and were more test images than anything...
  12. Chris.S

    Looking for new Tripod Head

    This kind of thing? I might as well give that a go. Cheers Chris.
  13. Chris.S

    Looking for new Tripod Head

    I should have mentioned i already own it and it doesn't fit the tripod, which is why i was asking :p Just knowing what to look for would help, nothing seems to be similar to it. Cheers Chris.
  14. Chris.S

    Looking for new Tripod Head

    Hi Recently got a new tripod (Manfrotto 055) and i got a 128rc head which turns out is not what i'm after. Having searched for quite some time looking for a certain type of head, i can't seem to find many, if any. I'm after something "like" this . The closest thing i've found is this. Is it...
  15. Chris.S

    Common or Arctic Tern? - Marske, UK

    Thanks, i'm happy to say Arctic, unless anyone else has an opinion?