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Recent content by Chris Sharpe

  1. Chris Sharpe

    Cerulean Warblers - Trinidad - ID possible male

    Cerulean Warbler is increasingly scarce further E along the Venezuelan Coastal Cordillera (of which Trinidad is an extension), and is decidedly rare in the easternmost Paria Peninsula. It occurs in the biogeographical West Indies as a rare passage migrant or vagrant only.
  2. Chris Sharpe

    Your most anticipated futures books

    No. If you check, you should see that text is bang up-to-date, i.e. May 2019 for West Indies. None of this has been waiting in the wings. It is all freshly-prepared text based on current knowledge, prepared through (depending on each author) fieldwork, museum research, and extensive consultation...
  3. Chris Sharpe

    Interviews with Retailers: Tim Strivens of Cley Spy

    Tim was extremely helpful to us last year in donating optics and arranging discounts for equipment shorebird conservation work in Venezuela (Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network). The optics that CleySpy provided were vital for last year's workshops and censuses, and for further census...
  4. Chris Sharpe

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Hi Andy No. And not on HBW - you can verify that by comparing the two. HBW and the guides are two different things with quite different objectives. As you say, some parts of the Neotropics are crying out for coverage. Filling that need in order to support bird conservation is precisely the...
  5. Chris Sharpe

    Your most anticipated futures books

    To write and publish - or even just "pump out" - a field guide in the five months since those survey results were compiled would be a quite extraordinary feat, and I am not sure I would bet my money on the result. The same HBW/BirdLife taxonomy is the basis for the series, and existing artwork...
  6. Chris Sharpe

    Owl - trinidad

    Great record! I think this would be a first for Trinidad, and is worth publishing, and/or sending to Martyn Kenefick as Andy suggests. The 3rd edition of the Helm Birds of T&T is in press. This is a scarce bird in neighbouring Venezuela: Jorge PĂ©rez and I found what I seem to recall was the 5th...
  7. Chris Sharpe

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Hi Andy Reviews of the Thailand guide have been positive. See what you think. Venezuela is tough, a deepening humanitarian crisis. I ran into Ceci in Bello Monte in March and she was fine. I'll let her know you're trying to contact her, though she has not replied to my last email. Internet is...
  8. Chris Sharpe

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Hi Andy Have you looked at the guides? Whilst many of the original plates are being used, a lot of new illustrations have been / are being commissioned. The text is new and purpose written. HBW text was oriented more towards use at home or in a museum, which is appropriate for a handbook. You...
  9. Chris Sharpe

    Lynx: Birds of Thailand, Birds of Vietnam

    Here's another review, in Dutch Birding: https://www.dutchbirding.nl/recensies/1476/birds_of_thailand
  10. Chris Sharpe

    Some kind of Swift in Cuba?

    Common Nighthawk would be unprecedented before the end of Aug, and even then Antillean would be more likely.
  11. Chris Sharpe

    Lynx: Birds of Thailand, Birds of Vietnam

    The one review I've been made aware of is by Nick Upton: http://www.thaibirding.com/book_reviews/birds-of-thailand.htm . I happened to chat with him at Birdfair and he was very complimentary.
  12. Chris Sharpe

    Cuba ID guide

    I'm afraid not, Tony. I was talking to one of the co-authors, Guy Kirwan, yesterday and he thought it would be out next year. It is being edited now. In the meantime, with the boom in US bird tourism brought about by the Obama thaw (dinted somewhat by Trump's rhetoric) you can get a pretty good...
  13. Chris Sharpe

    Cuba ID guide

    My copy is the 2000 Cornell version, which I picked up in the US when it was published. I imagine the Helm version is the UK imprint. There has been no update since 2000. However, a new BOC checklist (Kirkconnel et al.) is close to publication and provides a really good review of status and...
  14. Chris Sharpe

    Helm Identification Guides: Poor reprint quality?

    I've just had a similar experience, having purchased a "new" Poyser (Birds of the Strait of Gibraltar) that had no indication that it is print-on-demand. Text has reproduced badly, making it a strain to read, figures have the appearance of cheap photocopies (rendering graphs scrappy and pie...
  15. Chris Sharpe

    Laser pointers

    Thanks Andy. The site clearly has a lot of nonsense in terms of power and original price. May have to risk it though since I can see few alternatives in the UK, where everything I have found so far is significantly underpowered.