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Recent content by Cicada

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    Do birds have different alarm calls depending on the threat?

    Our local House Martins have different calls for different birds of prey. For the Hobby , which they are very wary of, the alarm is coupled with a general tactic of going high in a tight flock and staying above the circling hobby - occasionally so high that I have lost sight of them and their...
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    Bird Feather ID (Staffordshire UK)

    I'd say it's a female Common Pheasant feather. Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) - Feathers on featherbase.info
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    Whistling at night

    Do you have Sika deer in the vicinity? Their alarm call is very like a human whistling. I've disturbed them at dusk and into dark and their sudden shrill whistle up close is enough to make you jump out of your skin!
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2018 edition)

    Bunnies only if you were on Portland... Can add rabbit and brown hare from Herts.
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    January 1st joint Birdforum list (2018 edition)

    For the UK I can chip in two new ones from my short walk in Herts today. Ring-necked Parakeet Raven
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    Birdguides new system

    Loving the 'Mega Alert' email that arrived at 5.19pm today for...Yellow-billed Cuckoo on Scilly. Probably not the best bird to choose to roll out the service...
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    House martins landing in a bush to feed

    I have noticed our local house martins drop in on a tree en masse. It appears to be the young of the year, especially when at the time when they begin flocking on telegraph wires. It seems no more than a once a year thing and I've seen it perhaps 10 times in the past 20 years. Last year they all...
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    Birdguides new system

    As another 10+ year subscriber, I couldn't agree more. The sightings on a PC are only 8 to the page (and still only 12 if you shrink the text). There are only two sightings per page on my phone! Too much scrolling is required to review the records now - imagine what will it be like in autumn...
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    Id on this bird of prey uk pls.

    Gaz, we have a local house martin colony and it does attract the occasional sparrowhawk but not usually until the young are fledging in another month or so. The martins tend to mob a sparrowhawk with a distinct alarm call and will keep it up even over the top of a tree if hawk hides beneath the...
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    Feather ID, UK. Tawny Owl?

    Thank you for confirmation guys. (Nutcracker. Long and Short-eared can be pretty safely ruled out as neither are known in this spot in Herts and locally are only winter visitors.)
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    Feather ID, UK. Tawny Owl?

    I picked up this feather today. Found in a field on the edge of woodland. I suspect Tawny Owl, but confirmation or other suggestions appreciated.
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    Disappearing House Martins

    Good luck with getting all three that would be a big success story. A daily visit from a hobby or two is a highlight around our colony too - though not for the martins. We've had a great spotted woodpecker attacking a nest in the past as well. At least moderate attention from predators doesn't...
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    Disappearing House Martins

    Welcome Altus. A similar question was posted a few months back http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=324733 As you'll see there, a local farm's loss was my and my neighbours' gain. So maybe your colony has moved to somewhere else nearby? Anecdotally our local colony has less nests this...
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    What are my storks eating?

    I certainly didn't realise that storks might go for the vegetarian option on such a scale. Do you think it could be some sort of fodder beet like a mangelwurzel?
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    House Martin colony desertion

    Pleased to hear that there is some good news on the House Martin front. You have to love the them, but they are already leaving their mark on our windows! A dashing Hobby paid a visit last week, but went away empty handed.