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    How much do I have to spend to match the performance of my Bushnell Legend M's?

    I did not know the Forge was the factory replacement. It's certainly not as cheap as the model it replaced, although it's not super expensive. I didn't realize it was a complicated question - I figured there might be other models out there that I hadn't considered that were similar in terms of...
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    How much do I have to spend to match the performance of my Bushnell Legend M's?

    I am very happy with the optical performance of my Bushnells. I'm willing to spend as much as it takes to get similar optical performance.
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    How much do I have to spend to match the performance of my Bushnell Legend M's?

    For the last year I've owned Bushnell Legend M binoculars that I am very happy with. They are 10x42. They were a phenomenal deal and are no longer being made. I'd like to get some 8x42 binoculars and I have a question for those of you who have used the Legend M's - what are some comparable...
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    Leupold Yosemite vs roof prism compacts

    Kowa looks great, as do Opticron and Vixen. I contacted Opticron USA and Vixen to ask if their Leupold clones are fogproof, and both said yes. I hadn't been aware of the Vixen model before this thread. It looks nice and has objective lens covers that seem a little better than Kowa. There are...
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    Leupold Yosemite vs roof prism compacts

    Awesome ... thanks everyone for the replies. I'm looking close at the Leupold Yosemite and its variants, as well as the Nikon Action Ex.
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    Leupold Yosemite vs roof prism compacts

    Thanks for the input. Between those porro prisms that you mentioned, which do you recommend the most?
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    Leupold Yosemite vs roof prism compacts

    I've seen Leupold Yosemite binoculars recommended as a good option for cheap binoculars. I know that porro prism binoculars can be a good value, and I'm curious how they stack up against other compact binoculars in the same price range. Today I looked through some Vortex Diamondback 8x28's that...
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    older vs new Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars

    Thanks everyone- I bought a new “demo” Monarch 5 8x42 from Opticsplanet for $160. I’ve used them before and am excited to get them out into the field.
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    older vs new Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars

    That’s just a stock photo to show which model it is. And I saw the deal on Astromart - too bad it costs money to register.
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    older vs new Nikon Monarch 5 binoculars

    I have the chance to pick up some Nikon Monarch 5 8x42 binoculars for what sounds like a fair price. They are older - they look like this. I believe this model had dielectric coatings but not ED glass. Are these binoculars a good value for under $150 USD? How much of an improvement was the...
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    John's Mammals 2019

    What a cool thread. Thanks for sharing these photos.
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    Binoculars Poll - What format do you prefer ( 8x32, 10x50 etc. )

    Really interesting thread. In my limited experience I've never wanted more magnification that 8x, but I don't have a tripod so that might be why. Would love to try some bigger objective lenses than 42mm and try them out in low light to see what I've been missing.
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    Red Sea Rumble.

    Remarkable photo!
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    Nikon Service- Good, but slow

    I can't figure Nikon out. There are posts all over the web with a wide range of experiences with their customer service, ranging from very good to very poor. With their warranty change in the US I wonder if service quality will change.
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    2019 Interview with Pete Gamby of Opticron

    Thanks for the interview! I'm just getting into binoculars and hadn't heard of Opticron until I joined this forum. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to look through some one of these days.