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Recent content by coopershawk

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    Help needed for a better zoom lens

    That looks like a good price but I would be extremely skeptical purchasing from that site. It does not look like a legitimate store. Most of the pages don't direct to anywhere except the home page, and the contact address is just a random house in California (use google street view to see). They...
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    Best long lens for about a grand for D7200

    This can't be done. Nikon has engineered their teleconverters to only work with their own lenses. I think I've read somewhere that you can shave off some part of the teleconverter to get it to mount with third party lenses, but then you may still have issues with the electronics not working...
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    Tamron 18-400

    I'd really appreciate that intercooler!
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    Lens fine tuning

    I think another option is you can use the sigma dock (https://www.sigmaphoto.com/sigma-usb-dock) to calibrate the lens to your d3100.
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    It may be an AF fine tune issue like Mike said. In case you don't know of a good accurate way of fine tuning, here's a link to a video I found helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zE50jCUPhM. There is a link to a focusing target in the text below the video.
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    Tamron 18-400

    Hi all, For some background, I've been shooting with an RX10 IV for a while and enjoy it, but I recently learned of the existence of the Tamron 18-400. I do have a Nikon SLR and was thinking about the possibility of selling my RX10 IV and buying the Tamron, putting some money back in my pocket...
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    Nikon Coolpix P900 on a grey day

    If the images are coming out too dark for your liking, I would raise the -1/3ev setting to 0ev (and again to +1/3 ev if they continue to come out too dark). You may need to readjust this on the off chance that you all do get a bright day ;) The widest aperture you can set varies depending on...
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    Nikon Coolpix P900 on a grey day

    116mm is the focal length. The P900 is a focal length range of 4.3mm-357mm. Not sure if you want me to get into the details, but basically with the P900 you need to multiply this by 5.6 to get the "equivalent focal length". The P900 is advertised as having a 24-2000mm focal range, so if you...
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    Cheap/Budget Superzoom Options?

    I agree with Den, the P900 is the one to get out of those options if you want to use it as a pseudo scope.
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    Share video from canon 80D

    Hi Jon, Do you know how to transfer the video files from your SD card onto your computer? And which video sharing site do you want to use? I should be able to write up a short guide for you. -Michael
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    Talk me out of Noctivids

    I think you've got a really nice lineup already. A full size 7x and 10x, with an 8.5x right in the middle, and an 8x32 for easy carry. Plus it's balanced with 2 leicas and 2 swaros.
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    Sony RX10 1V the new boy.

    Thanks for sharing Skean. Those are some nice first shots!
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    Arghhh! Need better quality than P90 better portability than 600m

    Thank you for all the information Justin! Not much for me to say except that I learned something :) I think I might give burst a shot, could increase the number of keepers I get...
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    Arghhh! Need better quality than P90 better portability than 600m

    I think it largely depends on your shooting style and what you like to shoot. I only take pictures of perched birds, single shot at a time so 1 battery almost always lasts me the birding session. On really long days I can go through a battery. I usually bring 2 spare batteries just in case...
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    Euro HD 8x32 - My thoughts

    Ah I missed that last sentence in the second paragraph. I hadn't had dinner yet ;)