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Recent content by Corax67

  1. Corax67

    First Visit to the Isle of Wight

    I was lucky enough to spend most of last week on the lovely Isle of Wight for the first time. I had contacted the county recorder for some recommendations and these were spot on (thanks Robin) and the Derek Hales website is really useful too http://iowbirds.awardspace.com/IOW.htm The birding...
  2. Corax67

    Do birders like to be asked questions in hides?

    Ask as many questions as you can - it is the only way you will ever learn, and don't worry what people think if you have an ID book on display. I have received many looks of derision from birders in hides when they see me with my battered Collins guide next to me but I don't care because I carry...
  3. Corax67

    Holster type case for 7D + 400/5.6

    I am not entirely sure about the size of the canon 400/5.6 but I do have a Lowepro Top Loader 75 AW ...
  4. Corax67

    What was the first bird you ringed?

    UK Racing rings normally have the prefix NPA, NEHU, NWHU, SU, WHU or GB, to identify which federation the owner was a member of (there are others but none feature a single R) so probably not but a picture of the leg & ring if possible may help to identify the bird or determine the rings origin...
  5. Corax67

    New Leica binoculars?

    Sometime around September 2008 if memory serves me correctly. Karl
  6. Corax67

    Bag for Canon 50D and 100-400m

    I use this Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 for my Canon 20D with 70-200 f2.8 and it fits with room to spare so your rig should be fine too. http://www.lowepro.com/toploaderpro http://www.digitalrev.com/en/lowepro-toploader-pro-75aw-7438.html It is a superb case that has given me many years of...
  7. Corax67

    What's the longest time you havn't been birding?

    Months at a time I am sorry to say, 8 months looks the longest from my bird logs - during the last 3 years I have birded less than half a dozen times but double that over the last 2 months - hurrah ! Karl
  8. Corax67

    Extracting - help!

    . Rather than a quick-unpick you may find it better to invest in a couple of 1mm crochet hooks which will be perfect for what you need and have no sharp edges to risk injuring the birds...
  9. Corax67

    Gitzo over-priced rubbish

    Hi Alastair - I have had a look at the reference number for your tripod and it is listed as one of the new series 2 Gitzo models. The blurb says it has a "Power Disc" for safer head lock and this appears to emulate the Manfrotto system of having screws to tighten against the bottom of any head...
  10. Corax67

    How strong is a Camera tripod mount

    That was so cool - I personally think he was mad to try it but cool nonetheless
  11. Corax67

    Extracting - help!

    Hi, Extraction from mist nets is indeed one aspect of ringing that can understandably be very daunting for the trainee ringer as there is always a fear that incorrect technique could cause injury or fatality. For me, I was taught to release the legs first and wherever possible it was the first...
  12. Corax67

    Benbo trekker - which head

    For macro work I always used a Manfrotto 322RC Heavy-Duty Ball Grip head - to be fair I also use this head for a lot of scope work too and it is amazing. My setup was a Canon 20D, battery grip, Sigma 105mm f2.8 macro, Canon MR-14 ringflash, cable release and there was never a moments...
  13. Corax67

    How to clear memory from computer

    Hi David, Depending on the capacity of the hard-drive than you may find the easiest way to transfer the data across is to pick up an external USB hard-drive caddy, which will allow you to remove the drive from your desktop and simply plug it into the new laptop. These can be picked up for...
  14. Corax67

    Spotting scope

    Josh - you may wish to consider a non-waterproof scope, which will be cheaper, and add a waterproof stay-on cover to remain within your budget. As for tripods another bargain looks to be the Dolica at just $35...
  15. Corax67

    Spotting scope

    Hello and welcome to Birdforum. You may wish to consider the Bushnell Spacemaster which is well within your budget and has received a lot of really good reviews: http://www.amazon.com/Bushnell-Degree-Collapsible-Spotting-Scope/dp/B0001GMIRG/ref=sr_1_3?s=photo&ie=UTF8&qid=1313172831&sr=1-3 I...