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Feel the intensity, not your equipment. Maximum image quality. Minimum weight. The new ZEISS SFL, up to 30% less weight than comparable competitors.

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    Production year Zeiss 8x30 B GA IF / Safari

    UK has some for sale https://yorkcameramart.co.uk/product/used-zeiss-classic-8-x-30-bga-dialyt/ Also these may be of interest to Nikon EDG fans https://www.cambrianphoto.co.uk/collections/used-binoculars/products/used-nikon-8x32-ed-g-binoculars
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    Premium (Alpha) vs Image stabilized

    Thanks to all on the battery problem, I think I have it but would still like to know if anyone has a Kite APC and uses rechargeable. Paul, Flashlights eh! 1950s UK, we were bought up on "Torchy-Torchy the battery boy" did the US have an equivalent "Flashlighty-Flashlighty the battery boy"...
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    Premium (Alpha) vs Image stabilized

    I know that if you leave the camera or lens stabiliser on if using a tripod it actually works against it and does the opposite of what it is suppose to do. I would not see any reason for me to use an IS Binocular on a tripod as I use a scope . An IS binocular will be NO substitute for a Scope...
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    Premium (Alpha) vs Image stabilized

    NO, too the "STEADY SIDE" ! ;) excellent write up "paultricounty" One thing that you do not touch on which I would think is an important factor is BATTERY LIFE. Looking over the web the times given inc Canon website is 2.5 hours. Google search to this question is 8hrs. Who is right. A hell of a...
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    New Zeiss binos 8x40 SFL and 10x40 SFL

    First ones seen for sale on eBay uk
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    Frozen binocs

    Slowly slowly does it ! might be a good idea to bag up in a sealed clear freezer bag for a day or so. Do not warm up or leave them in a too warm room un bagged. Same as cameras and other optics from outside cold conditions too inside warm conditions, wrap them up and take it slow.
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    Buying first new binoculars in 30 years

    You cannot go wrong with the new Opticron Aurora 8x42 BGA VHD. Just look at the reviews on here especially by Ratal. Must confess, a bit of a cheek, I do have a pair for sale on eBay at the moment. But they are a great binocular. Hope I have not offended the governing powers on this inclusion...
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    Zeiss SF 10x42 dissection

    Expanding the rubber eye covers - I have just expanded some "rubber/silicone" sandals which were tight on my feet. I put them in the tumble dryer with some washing for 1/2 hour and it worked a treat. BTW -I take no responsibility for screw-ups o_O
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    Lost my Zeiss 8x42 binoculars today

    hope you dropped a "fiver" in the 'Drivers Benevolent fund" box ;)
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    Ditching EL's in UK A bridge too far !

    NEVER :cautious:
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    Ditching EL's in UK A bridge too far !

    Housebound this afternoon listening to Test Cricket and clicking through the Uk optic shops secondhand (as you do) and counted 26 ELs of all denominations for sale. There are also around 7 Zeiss SFs too. Is it a "Bridge too Far" ?
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    new swarovski EL32

    Wonder if she claimed on her insurance:unsure:
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    Your favorite neck strap?

    I too do not like neoprene, hot n bouncy ! my choice http://rigu.co.uk/camera-straps/cotton-camera-straps/wide-woven-cotton-camera-strap-cam-in-black
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    NL Pure 8x32 and NL Pure 10x32!

    Maybe it is the "Erithacus rubecula" special edition !
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    Attaching Strap and Rain Guard - this may help you.

    Complicated ! this is simplicity itself. All I am doing is securing the strap by covering the "ladder' with the strap threaded through twice with shrink tube to finish off neatly and help security. The Rain Guard now has the pressure off its lug and swivels better about the strap. It is neat...