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Recent content by Dancat

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    Nikon eii 8x30 internal design/dimensions?

    Thank you John, this will be a good starting point. The x-ray photo is especially helpful.
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    Nikon eii 8x30 internal design/dimensions?

    Hi all, I'm currently doing a school project where I need to accurately model an object using a CAD program. I decided to model my eii binoculars, as their design interests me. The challenge is that I do not want to open up my bins just to get the internal dimensions and layout for this one...
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    Black-headed Gull NY

    Thanks much all.
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    Black-headed Gull NY

    Seen at Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island today. There was both a Little Gull and a Black-headed Gull seen at this location, along with many Bonaparte's Gulls.
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    Chipping or Clay-Colored Sparrow

    The Clay-colored and Tricolored are good consolation prizes. I got the Storks in Barnegat after missing the bird in Sandy Hook. Probably won't be long before another pops up somewhere.
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    Chipping or Clay-Colored Sparrow

    I had a Clay-colored this morning at Island Beach State Park. Anywhere near there?
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    Ontario - fall warbler ID

    Orange-crowned looks good to me.
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    Bird Call ID - Chicago

    Yes, Blue Jay.
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    Short trip to Eastern USA Next Week

    I regularly get great views of the Kite(s) as I live in the area. Yesterday the juvenile was out and calling, really awesome! Connecticut Warbler should be attainable in Cape May, Higbee Beach is a great spot for lots of migrants. If you can, get there at dawn for morning flight after north...
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    Warbler, Ottawa

    Overall I agree the bird looks better for Mourning but the feint necklace throws me off...
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    Warblers I think

    Agree with Chestnut-sided for #1. Wingbars are visible while Tennessee doesn't have wingbars
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    Nocturnal chirping bird, New Jersey

    Listen to the common true katydid recording through this link: http://entnemdept.ufl.edu/Walker/buzz/a00samples.htm This is the most common sound I hear here in NJ on summer nights
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    Sandpiper 4 in Ontario, Canada

    My first impression was Western as well but upon reflection Least might fit better
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    Canada, Alberta - Sparrow

    Looks to me like a Lincoln's
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    Plymouth 2 MN, USA, July

    First impression on #2 said accipiter to me. Fwiw I'd say Cooper's.