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Recent content by dannat

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    Dodgy vision or Binocular fault?

    i may be totally misreading you but do you have the 2 barrels set apart at the right s=distance for the width between your eyes, called the ipd, have you adjusted the the distance the 2 barrels are apart, ie swung them further in.out whilst looking thru them?
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    Binocular harnesses and slings?

    i just bought the cheaper zeiss harness, which was about 60, the premium version is close to 100, nice wide straps, takes the weight off the neck—i have had a ebay chinese version, straps were too thin, meaning it felt tight and cut under the underarms i bought it for the zeiss 15x60 when i want...
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    Compact scope to use for garden

    what about a 12x or 15x power bino on monopod, still light weight & monopod help keep it steady, scopes are very difficult handhold, though something like the celestron 9x-27x50 ed hummingbird, at low power might work
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    Zeiss Diascope and Baader eyepieces

    the hyperion eyepieces aren’t great at the edge, pentax xf12 or xw14 would b better, but above 30x; i’m guessing the xw14 provides around 35x. the morpheus ep mentioned is excellent
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    What should I clean binocular lenses with?

    i bought a big box of zeiss wipes, cheap in bulk, or i use windex
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    Mid price porro binoculars for beginners

    you could go for something like a pentax 9x32 roof 249 US from bhphotovideo, with your 250Euro budget you can still get a decent roof, the nikon porro's are nice, but getting harder to get- the small porro is becoming extinct. i have ha nikon 10x32Eii, and sightron-cant go wrong with either
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    Scope bodies versus scope eyepieces? Optical importance and upgrades...

    a good system/; lens set matched with body prism will last for ages, newer coatings might squeeze out an extra smidge of transmission - the nikon fieldscopes attest to this, their eyepieces are less sought after, and i’m sure people would jump at being able to fit new wide field designs to...
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    Best scope to buy for this price range?

    also check out nikon monarch 82
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    Best scope to buy for this price range?

    kowa tan 773 would be an excellent choice, i would take it over the swaro, is objective size or weight/portability more important,which tripod u using/planning to buy
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    What price range gets most for your money?

    what is it about your current bino makes you want to upgrade from? some lower priced options nikon monarch 7, olympus pro 8x42
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    Looking into a eagle nest at 3,200 feet away. Indoor glassing options

    long refractors are big cumbersome & need serious mounts, a maksutov w reflectix to insulate is much easier, i have a 120mm meade & 127mm mak, mak is much quicker to setup & mount, high power is easy w cheapish astro pieces, atmospheric conditions will play a part as you’ll likely need to be...
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    Kowa TSN-82SV or Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A

    good choice, the celestron is much lower quality, if you are in ned of astro supplies close to you is tan14.com i have bought goods from here for delivery to Aus and he is great to deal with
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    Help me choose my next spotting scope, please

    from cloudy nights the kowa 883 reviews better for astro use than the swarovski equivalent , grab the 1.6x adapter with their 25-60x zoom. if you can find a nikon 82ed fieldscope, with the 25-75x zoom you will get some reasonable moon views, planets are sharp but bit small, i used mine for...
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    nikon fieldscope eyepiece adapter to 1.25”

    i’d like to use my nikon fieldscope 25-75x zoom on my astro telescope, has anyone seen a 3d printer file for an adapter which the eyepiece threads into to use in my 1.25” focuser?