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Recent content by DaveN

  1. DaveN

    id help please

    Juvenile Coots
  2. DaveN

    Skipper identification

    I'm no expert but I'd day it's a Large Skipper as the antennae are hooked.
  3. DaveN


    Yes a Common Whitethroat
  4. DaveN

    help identifying bird

    Little Egret
  5. DaveN

    Herring or Lesser Black Back Gull in Preston, Lancashire

    It's a Lesser. Dark mantle, yellow legs.
  6. DaveN

    Lots of Willow Warbler about today

    My local patch here in south Derbyshire has seen a dramatic decline in Willow Warblers. Going back to the 80's and 90's there were numerous territories. A note from 1985 says "abundant visitor and breeder." In my time down there since 2001 there are sometimes blank years. We may get 1 or 2 if we...
  7. DaveN

    Mallard eating Slow Worm

    Mallards will eat almost anything. I once saw Mallard eating Mallard! A group were crossing the road in Norfolk when one got killed. A drake then ate several bits. There's a thread on here from a few years ago on this subject. An incident at Blashford Lakes where a Mallard killed and ate a...
  8. DaveN

    Big Scoter Movement

    Just had some Com Scoters over my house in Belper, South Derbyshire at 00.11.
  9. DaveN

    Tiny birds on feeder

    It is indeed a Goldcrest. They do occasionally visit garden feeders. We get one now and again after the suet and mealworms.
  10. DaveN

    ID wanted, juvenile moorhen or water rail?

    Juvenile Moorhen.
  11. DaveN

    Any Hawfinch at Cromford?

    There have been 5 records this year but none since 18/02.
  12. DaveN

    Male Mandarin Duck In Eclipse Plumage? Melling Liverpool UK (this week)

    Males in eclipse still show the raspberry coloured bill so it's not an adult male. Which leaves a juv/female type. I suspect a juvenile as it lacks the white line at the base of the bill an adult female would show. And in the bottom picture there is a hint of red at the base of the bill so...
  13. DaveN

    Your Favorite Bird(s)?

    I do like the humble Goldcrest (Regulus regulus). Never tire of seeing those. And Eurasian Hobby (Falco Subbuteo). I've had many an encounter with Hobbies and they still fascinate me.
  14. DaveN

    yet another willow/marsh tit (UK)

    Marsh Tit for me.
  15. DaveN

    Id Help - St James' Park, London - I

    1 are Egyptian Geese. 2 & 3 are correct. 4 is a Canada Goose. 5 correct.