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Recent content by davercox

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    What's your favorite bird song?

    Yes indeed, Blackbird has to be right up there. Every year I listen hopefully for them to start (usually in Feb here).
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    What's your favorite bird song?

    Woodlark for me.
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    Cormorant or Shag? Heligoland, Germany, 06/21

    That's a Cormorant, Lanugoh.
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    No announcement about Springwatch 2021 as of yet!

    Yes, but then I realised he meant 'little (lower case) Ringed Plover'. Careless, I agree.
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    Acrocephalus scirpaceus or arundinaceus? (sound) - Portugal

    Agree with Harry - certainly an ordinary Reed Warbler (of whatever species is deemed to occur in Portugal).
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    Mallorca 2021

    I first came in 1991, when, yes, there were weekly Monday meetings at the Pollentia. I believe the hotel also didn't like the small amounts of beer we drank. Heroically I tried to do my bit towards this, but to no avail.
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    Stock Dove or something else? - Leicestershire

    I'd call this a Stock Dove, yes.
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    Presumed odd call of Tawny Owl NE.London.

    Recording is faint on my PC Ken but I can just make out the trilling Tawny call that some people call 'warbling'. Is that what you meant ?
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    European Breeding Bird Atlas 2

    Now received mine; and have to say with I agree with of the posts above. 'Monumental' indeed - I'm sure this is the biggest, heaviest, most unwieldy book I've ever seen. I imagine Lynx were tempted to split it into 3-4 volumes !
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    Chris Packham's Animal Einsteins

    I was almost put off watching this by its stupid title, but now I'm glad I wasn't. I really enjoyed episode 1 last night: not only did I learn a lot of things I didn't know (quite easily done) but a good deal of it was genuine behavioural science imho. Recommended - oh, and yes, plenty of...
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    Unusual Crow call Suffolk UK

    Hi there. See what you mean about the train horn, but I don't think this call is particularly unusual. The only thing that makes it sound different is the higher pitch of the 2nd one. Could this have been two birds ?
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    Winterwatch 2021

    Well, the EPG (at least in my area) is way out of date. Not only does it include Michaela as well as Chris, Gillian and Iolo, it has them all in the Cairngorms.
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    Is having a feather on you illegal where you live?

    Sorry to hijack this thread, but it's not just Hollywood. Here in the UK, any time a producer wants a bit of bird sound, they'll stick in anything that sounds good to them. Amazing how often we get Common Loons (a winter visitor here) singing away !
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    Iceberg A68a on collision course with penguins

    Reported today that A68a is breaking up - but I guess the parts are still substantial enough to be a menace to S Georgia.