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Recent content by DavidP

  1. DavidP

    Bird clubs in San Bernardino area?

  2. DavidP

    Hello From Pasadena California

    A little ways to go but Scope city in Costa Mesa Orange county have or used to have a pretty good selection. http://www.scopecity.com/showrooms.cfm?pn=Best+Stores+to+Buy#Costa%20Mesa Have fun and welcome to Birdforum
  3. DavidP

    California wind farm claims more than 2000 Golden Eagles

    There are quite a few large solar projects approved and being built mostly in the deserts of southern california that together once built will produce about 7-8 times the output of altamont. Theres a mandate to produce 33% renewables by 2020 thats driving a lot of this. Although I think all the...
  4. DavidP

    The Big Year (movie)

    There appears to be some confusion as to dates, its listed as November 14th here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Big_Year#cite_note-TBYRef4-4
  5. DavidP

    The Big Year (movie)

    These days even our local supermarket has signs not allowing you to tie your horse outside and you can forget riding in the car park. Although i did see one guy with an unfeasibly large sombrero riding his horse in the car park, but probably had just been to the liquor store and probably didn't...
  6. DavidP

    The Big Year Coming soon to Cinemas

    I just came out of the cinema to see it, must have been about 8 people total in a Southern California matinee but the weather was great outside, finally cooled down to the 90's. I thought it was great, very nicely done with a good mix of birds, people and scenery to appeal to everyone. Even...
  7. DavidP

    Yosemete birding

    I think he's referring to the Kern river flooding the entrance way to the Kern audubon reserve. http://kern.audubon.org/ Looks like you can walk in though so can't be too bad
  8. DavidP

    Best place for Condor

    Pinnacles national monument should be a good bet as it was one of the release sites.
  9. DavidP

    Yosemete birding

    Big Morongo should be good I assume you have their website http://www.bigmorongo.org/ Make sure you hit the next door local park Covington which usually has a pair of Vermillion flycatchers and often better birds than the reserve itself. I was there a few weeks ago and there's loads of nice...
  10. DavidP

    Best sites in Northern California

    http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~jmorlan/county.htm Check out Joe Morlans site and click on appropriate counties you'll be travelling through to get some detailed info.
  11. DavidP

    California pelagics - best time?

    Few links you might find useful http://www.socalbirding.com/home.html http://shearwaterjourneys.blogspot.com/ http://www.shearwaterjourneys.com/index.shtml http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/pelagics/CALENDAR.html You could also try posting to some local ca birding group lists if you want...
  12. DavidP

    Salton Sea in October

    You might want to ask your question or keep checking this group as there are regular updates from the Salton Sea on there http://groups.yahoo.com/group/inlandcountybirds/ David
  13. DavidP

    California field guide

    I would definitely go for the Western Sibley, lovely little guide and designed to be portable. Joe Morlans site is a good general guide for California http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/~jmorlan/county.htm Just click on each county map for specific details per county. There's also some birding trails...
  14. DavidP

    Wild Wales Returns

    Good to see as well, Iolo's got a great way of presenting Strange that they repeated Sundays night program again on Monday, I was looking forward to a new program not one i watched last night
  15. DavidP

    Anza Borrego/Julian Birding

    I'd recommend getting the Schram "A birders guide to southern California" I know there is a section on Anza Borrego in there. One area thats good especially in migration time is as you come into the park from Julian direction theres a campground and a spring and it acts as a migrant trap in the...