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Recent content by deboo

  1. deboo

    Norfolk birding

    Regarding the feeding of mealworms. I spoke with some bloke from the Holkham Estate the day after the Steppe Grey was last seen. He said he'd been in touch with someone assisting the re-introduction of Corncrake at the Nene Washes and that feeding of dried mealworms was detrimental to their...
  2. deboo

    Collins Bird App

    Looks/sounds great on my iPad. If you're waiting for an Android version, I'd be surprised they won't do one eventually. Bit like waiting for Windows to boot up........please....wait .....roundy roundy thing. :-)
  3. deboo

    Waxwings: ASDA vrs Sainsburys

    A massive flock of 1 by Tesco in Milton Cambridgeshire this lunchtime. Every little helps.
  4. deboo

    Binocula advice. Budjet of around Max £135..

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Universa-Kristal-Binoculars-8x30-Sehfeld-131m-1000m-lenses-Russian-Binoculars-/200842687398?pt=UK_Photography_Binoculars_Monoculars&hash=item2ec32833a6&_uhb=1 Get bidding...if they're owt like the ones I bought recently then you'll be :-))) dave...
  5. deboo

    Top 10 Most Wanted in Britain

    My 'easy' never seens include; Storm Petrel - I keep seawatching, more in hope than expectation. Barred Warbler - an adult would be dandy. Aquatic Warbler - just not easy. Ortolan Bunting. Any pretty Yank Warbler. All might be possible within an hour's drive....and one day they could be...
  6. deboo

    Unusual bird visiting my garden - what is it???

    Must admit I've never seen a Nutcracker, but according to Collins Field Guide Nutcracker and Green Woodpecker are similar in length? I baint that far from you extrareach, PM me the location and I'll come and have a look tomorrow morning. I'll bring a camera. dave...
  7. deboo

    Cambridgeshire Birding

    I went to the Ouse Washes yesterday morning. The water levels were higher. Lots of Duck and feral Geese, the Great White Egret seen from Grose Hide, a Spotted Redshank and a couple of passage Swallows were the highlights. I only walked to Churchmans and back but I don't think the Glossy Ibis has...
  8. deboo

    Astroscope + DSLR = Gallery!

    Looking good Roy. Seems like you made a good scope choice. dave..
  9. deboo

    Will the Chinese ever equal the Europeans and Japanese in quality?

    Very interesting point Ripantuck. What happens if/when the money runs out? dave...
  10. deboo

    What was your most embarrasing....''string''

    Ken, By 'string' do you mean calling something that could well be something else? If so...I'm guilty as charged m'lud . But, and a big BUT, you've got to be aware of the rare. I reckon the folks that look for the 'string' find more rare birds than the one's expecting the usual suspects. Open...
  11. deboo

    Tunisia. Which Book???

    Johnny, We were a tad further south than you're going, but saw.... Laughing Dove were all about. Spanish and Rock Sparrow on the resort. On a day trip to the Ksour I spied Black and Red-rumped Wheatear, Spotless Starling, Brown-necked Raven, Trumpeter Finch and House Bunting. Not bad for mid...
  12. deboo

    Tunisia. Which Book???

    I agree with Richard. Collins was fine for helping me id birds I saw on a non birding hol near Djerba. I added 10+ new uns and I wasn't paying that much attention...no change there then ;-) dave..
  13. deboo

    Are Herring Gulls a threat to our bio-diversity?

    'Gullplague' as a username? Oh come on....at least Seepy made a ham fist of it. jeez.
  14. deboo

    High-end binocular advice much needed!

    Emma, Run for the hills....the yankee doodle bino nerds are after you ;-) Seriously, you're the only person who will be using your new bins - try out as many as you can and then buy the one's you like the most. dave.. p.s the Swaro 8x32's would be the one's I'd buy, if I win the lotto on...