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Recent content by dharma66

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    Coal Tit

    Thanks for the feedback...I’ll have access to my computer in a couple of days, and will get exif data.
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    Coal Tit

    D3300 Sigma 150-600 Sport @600
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    New Sigma 150/600

    I’ve also just purchased this lens, so may resurrect this thread a little. So far I haven’t managed to do anything other than fire off a few quick test shots of boring targets...but I have used a few of those to start looking at callibrating the AF with the dock. I’ve only had about an hour at...
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    Sigma 150-600 Sports

    Fingers crossed I don’t get the same! I just picked up a copy of the lens today. Did you get the issue sorted? Sadly it was dark at the time I left the shop, so the only pictures I’ve taken are of a light bulb... I’m hoping to get out around Salford Quays tomorrow, if we get a brightish day.
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    Travel bag/pack

    Which one?
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    Just ordered...

    Been using these a couple of weeks now, and very happy. I can’t say I notice any kind of a erations at all...but then I’m not really sure what I’m looking for with anything other than CA. The only time I’ve noticed any CA is with a high contrast target that is out of focus. As soon as it comes...
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    Just ordered...

    The Sapphires arrived today...but after dark, I so haven’t had chance to look further than the other side of the room! I’m pleased with the ergonomics. Like I said, these are my first ever binoculars (well, except the plastic ones I had when I was about 8), so I had no idea how big or heavy...
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    Just ordered...

    Wow! Now I’m having doubts!
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    Just ordered...

    Hmm that’s interesting, as they are lower in the range! Maybe I’ll get chance to give them a try at some point...
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    Nikon D3100 - budget lenses for birdwatching

    Yes, there are two version of the Sigma 150-600. There is the “Contemporary”, which has “C” in the lens name. This retails around £700 in the UK at the moment. Then there is the “Sport”, which has “S” in the name, and retails around £1300 UK. The C is built mostly with (good quality)...
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    Just ordered...

    I’ve just ordered a pair of Hawke Sapphire 10x42. This will be my first pair of binoculars, and I’ve made the decision based solely on internet reviews, as I haven’t managed to make the journey to my nearest stockist to try them. Hopefully I’ll find them suitable! If they go down well with my...
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    Your 2018 Optics Plans

    New plans developing... Very tempted by the Sigma 150-600 Sports...
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    Comment by 'Guest' in media 'Northern Cardinal, males'

    Spectacular is the word! Fantastic shot!
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    Your 2018 Optics Plans

    My plan for this year is to buy my first set of binoculars! And a set for my wife, too. At the moment, I’m thinking 10x Hawke Sapphires, either 42or 43 depending on how they feel. But I’m hoping to visit a store with a few options to try out in other brands as well.
  15. Robin


    The first bird photo I'm in any way happy with.