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Recent content by digishooter

  1. Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

    Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

    A juvenile bird that has found it's way to the Southern Sierra mountains of California. This a rare sighting in this area, as this bird is more commonly found in the mid-west to the East coast, and up into Canada.
  2. Barn Owls

    Barn Owls

    This is a cavity in a cliff-face that used to be a nest site for Great Horned Owls. These Barn owls have decided that they might make a go of it for themselves.


    A winter visitor, this adult Sharp-Shinned is very much relaxed as is evident from the leg pulled up indicating low stress levels.
  4. Dark-Eyed Junco

    Dark-Eyed Junco

    California received record snows this last winter. This drove several species of bird into the yard, where I keep lots of food all day. This Junco sat on a snow drift on the top of the fence watching the other birds feeding below.
  5. House Finch and Dark-Eyed Junco

    House Finch and Dark-Eyed Junco

    A House Finch (left side bird) and a Dark-Eyed Junco staying warm. The Junco simply tucked it's head and went to sleep, while the House Finch looks drowsy. In any case, it is common behavior for birds to loft (fluff up) their feathers to stay warm. The space between feathers trapes body heat.
  6. Mountain Bluebird

    Mountain Bluebird

    A winter migrant that comes into the valley. They like open areas, like pasture and lake shore-lines. This male was imaged along Lake Isabella shore.
  7. White-Crowned Sparrow

    White-Crowned Sparrow

    Common migratory bird that is taking advantage of the food I leave on a daily basis.
  8. Western Bluebird

    Western Bluebird

    I keep water available for whatever bird may want a drink. While imaging birds in the yard, this male Western Bluebird came in for some refreshment.
  9. Northern Harrier

    Northern Harrier

    2nd image of series...
  10. Northern Harrier

    Northern Harrier

    On a day trip my brother and I went looking for a Northern Harrier he ( my brother ) had sighted. This bird flew onto this snag where I was able to get several good images. The bird was quite confiding, and did not seem put off by my approach.
  11. Black-Chinned Hummingbird.

    Black-Chinned Hummingbird.

    This and the Anna's are very similar in appearence. So, ID of them takes a little experience and practice. The lack of diffiniteve markings in the chin and throat; lack of markings in the flanks; the shortened 1-3 rectrices help to ID this as a Black-Chinned
  12. Rufous Hummingbird

    Rufous Hummingbird

    Rufous No. 2
  13. Rufous Hummingbird

    Rufous Hummingbird

    Lots of hummingbirds at the feeders. The Rufous tends to be more agressive about defending a paticular feeder. This species of hummingbird has the longest migratory rout. According research, this species has a good memory, able to go back to where a feeder was placed the previous year. A group...
  14. Hermit Warbler

    Hermit Warbler

    Taken on a day trip up to Greenhorn sumit. This is a summer migrant. This is the first time I've been able to get an image of this species. Though I'm pleased to have the image, I'm not satisfied with the quality.
  15. California Quail

    California Quail

    Just another...