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Recent content by DMW

  1. DMW

    'Bird you would most want to hear on the last day of your life

    Turtle Dove, if there are any left.
  2. DMW

    First Butterflies of 2021

    There's been a small influx of Painted Ladies in Jersey in the last few days, all very worn. Also had my first Clouded Yellow of the year today.
  3. DMW

    Walrus in Ireland

    The restrictions also don't apply to citizens of EU countries who live in the UK. Presumably they can't transmit the Indian variant.
  4. DMW

    Walrus in Ireland

    Except people from the UK...
  5. DMW

    First Butterflies of 2021

    Two, possibly three Queen of Spain Frittilaries on Jersey today. Keep yer eyes peeled on the south coast of England.
  6. DMW

    Seeing all the penguin species

    I tend to agree. I've got a cruise booked at that time and I'm not booking flights for now. All we can do is cross our fingers and wait.
  7. DMW

    Seeing all the penguin species

    I believe that this Weddell Sea - In search of the Emperor Penguin incl. helicopters | OTL22-21 | Oceanwide Expeditions is the least expensive way of guaranteeing Emperor Penguins (£8500). Visiting an Emperor rookery was probably my greatest wildlife experience, but it's a ton of money. On the...
  8. DMW

    A Spoon-billed Sanderling, China.

    This would be a great time for you to stop posting to this thread. You are clearly not able to consider different opinions to your own without making ad hominem attacks, and have basically injected antagonism into an otherwise cordial thread.
  9. DMW

    Seeing all the penguin species

    Seeing all the penguins was simply a function of having enough money; now it's also a question of whether the cruise industry will ever operate again as before. The two really expensive ones are Emperor and Royal. You might get lucky and see an Emp on a regular Antarctic cruise, but to be...
  10. DMW

    Latest IOC diary updates

    I guess 'Nilgiri' implies a smaller distribution than is actually the case, given it occurs throughout the Western Ghats.
  11. DMW

    Recommendation for light and compact scope setup

    That's a good find. You used to be able to buy Nikon ED50 scopes from Amazon Japan for half the price you paid in the UK, but I can't see them listed now. I've been using and ED50 with the x27 eyepiece as my only scope for a few years. It's remarkably good for its size, but performance really...
  12. DMW

    A Spoon-billed Sanderling, China.

    I think it's reasonable to explain the blob on the left hand bird's bill as a drop of water or mud. Less so with the bird on the right. It's also worth mentioning that Sanderling is considerably larger than SBS, and this bird looks to be of similar size to the other birds in the flock.
  13. DMW

    Northern Pygmy-Owl?? Mountain Pygmy-Owl?? (Madera Canyon, AZ)

    Yes, this form sometimes split as Mountain Pygmy Owl.
  14. DMW

    A Spoon-billed Sanderling, China.

    An interesting bird! I can't see any sign of a hind toe, which would suggest this isn't a pure Spoonie, and the "spoon" is very small for this species and appears somewhat twisted. Also, I don't think the breeding ranges overlap, although with the population so low it's possible one might breed...
  15. DMW

    Expanding Breeding Ranges of European and Asian Birds

    That's quite an amazing list, and just shows what is possible if we give nature a chance. One species you mention as a potential colonist is Silver Oriole. I was vaguely aware that they had been found breeding at one or two sites in SE China: are they expanding their range, and do you know how...