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Recent content by dothedr3w

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    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    My comment was merely speculation. If they copy, they copy damn well. Either way, neither of us is helping the OP at this point. OP have you come any closer to making your decision? If not, how may we be more helpful?
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    New Kowa products 2021?

    Does anyone have any idea if Kowa plans to release any new products this year? I for one hope they release a "993/994" to compete with the Swaro ATX95.
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    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    Oh I couldn't say for sure. There's so many brands that love to toss "foto" in their name lol. I suspect most of major brands are manufactured in the same plants, so I can't imagine there being a huge amount of difference. Different specs between them as per the respective companies requests...
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    Need help selecting tripod/head - Zeiss Harpia

    Check out the LeoFoto brand. As soon as I found them I was immediately sold over RRS or any of the other high end brands. Equal quality, much lower price, and some innovative ideas. I wound up getting the ls-365cex and their 2 way head instead of my initially planned acratech panoramic head and...
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    Tripod/head recommendations

    I just went through a tripod upgrade myself. I went from a MeFoto Roadtrip to a Leofoto LS-365CEX. Google them if you wish, but to sum it up both brands are chinese, but by no means knock-offs. The MeFoto was a very compact aluminum with an included ball head, and the LeoFoto is a carbon fiber...
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    This was actually my original plan until a Kowa rep talked me out of it. I shouldn't say talked me out of it, but he said start with one and adjust from there. I had completely forgotten about this option until you brought it back up, so thank you! The only real downside to this is the...
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    I don't find 50 to be prohibitive, and the zoom function and small size more than make up for this 'shortcoming'. At first I was worried about the eye relief, even as a non-glasses wearer, but the eyecup is very well positioned, and you get the full fov as soon as you put your eye to the cup...
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    Oh I'm definitely the wrong person to ask, I'm far too junior. I don't have the experience to differentiate between good and bad conditions; I've only had it out a few nights since I got it. That said anytime the clouds broke enough for me to take the spotter out, I found 133x to be good...
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    I've emailed siebert about them making a barlow. Failing that, I'm going to just live with it. Thanks everyone!
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    Hey man I appreciate the suggestion. I've already grown pretty attached to the zoom and the convenience is tough to argue against. If I can't find a barlow or similar solution, and can't live with the gap in zoom range, I'll likely just get a 4.5mm fixed.
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    Hey thanks everyone for the thoughtful replies. I'll try to clear a couple things up as I don't think I gave enough info: - I have the Baader eyepiece adapter with grub screws and brass compression ring; - I also have the Kowa astro adapter with knurled thumbscrews; - The eyepiece, with it's...
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    Lowest magnification barlow?

    I'll try to keep this as to the point as possible. What is the lowest magnification barlow lens available with a 1.25" barrel? I'm using a Kowa 883 with a Nagler 3-6mm zoom eyepiece. With the Kowa 1.6x extender attached to the scope, the 3-6mm zoom can focus to infinity; without the extender...
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    Astronomical eyepiece compatible with Kowa 883?

    Hello, I just posted basically the exact same reply in another thread, but why not double it up :) I just purchased a Kowa 883 and have some answers to questions here, as well as some questions of my own. I figured it was better to revive an old thread rather than start a new one. Hold on to...
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    Thanks for the reply Lisa. Very much looking forward to being a contributing member of this forum :) I've already posted my first (and hopefully helpful) reply, with a question of my own. Cheers!
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    Astro eyepieces with Kowa 883

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and this thread is exactly what I was after. I just recently purchased a Kowa 883 and have some answers to questions here, as well as some questions of my own. I figured it was better to revive an old thread rather than start a freshy. Turns out my reply had...