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Recent content by DST

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    In London

    If going to Richmond Park bear in mind it is tricky to get to by public transport although buses pass by Richmond & Robin Hood gates. You can get a fast train to Richmond from Waterloo (or the slower underground) then maybe a bus. Best to get there early and mid-week so avoiding the bulk of...
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    Rhea Escaped and wondering around Nottinghamshire

    Rhea thinks it's all over- it is now. /: D
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    Rhea Escaped and wondering around Nottinghamshire

    "Makes you wonder doesn't it?" Nah, it's neither rhea nor there. (; D
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    The Bully Breeds are dominating my feeders

    Just be grateful you don't have Ring-necked Parakeets...yet. }D
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    Half-species and map birds

    When faced with some kind of tree/wood/log-runner/walker/creeper thing somewhere in South America, the cry of "tick it on range!" would be heard. (:<D
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    Meadow warbler nest usage UK

    A tricky situation. Having surveyed Reed Warblers I would suggest they would have young in the nest around now. You may have to wait until July to be sure they have fledged. The nest you found may have been abandoned or predated. Perhaps you could check small areas of the reedbed for fledged...
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    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    "The Spitfire and Mustang are being used by the Boultbee Academy - rock up with your two-and-a-half grand and you too can have a flight and some stick time in a Spit or a P51D!" I'm on my way... D)
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    Anyone else like Birds AND planes?

    Hudbrel Spit Today a Spitfire looped-the-loop over Pagham Harbour while birders waited for the Hudbrel to show. }D
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    Surrey Birding

    Thanks for the info Dave, D
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    Surrey Birding

    Hen Harrier, Thursley Hi All, Could anyone please tell me the habits of the Thursley, Hen Harrier? Such as which time of day is best to see it and which part of the Common it frequents. Any information would be gratefully received, D
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    Richmond Park, 21st September

    There are one or two Buzzards resident in the Park- that seems to be what you saw. D-)
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    A bit about Fred

    Fascinating reading Chris and stunning photos. Thanks for sharing. ;-D
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    Skylarks, breeding

    That is the reaction of some dog-walkers when I politely point out the signs to them. Other reactions are rather more vehement. At the moment Park management is reluctant to take more emphatic measures against dog-walkers who ignore the signs. The Park’s police, however, can give on-the-spot...
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    Skylarks, breeding

    Dear Birdforum members, I have been monitoring breeding Skylarks in my local Park for the last six years and have recorded a steep decline from 23 to 8 pairs. The Park is very popular with visitors, especially dog-walkers. There were nine localities within the Park where Skylarks bred but this...
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    Birds,dogs,feeders,country Parks

    Quote: "Interesting that no one who came on the dog walker thread had commented on the experiment on Richmond Park in London where certain areas have been fenced of to prevent access for dog and where as a result skylarks had re-appeared." Being familiar with Richmond Park I thought I should...