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Recent content by dwever

  1. dwever

    NL Pure Focus Wheel Seems To Have Less Resistance Than March 18 Purchase Date

    Mine are unquestionably not the same as when I bought them. However, the problem is small. Very small. And they have not diminished and serve me well. When changing direction, there is the briefest period of no contact that is not an issue unless it worsens. Had the bins been $1k instead of...
  2. dwever

    NL Pure 'problems'.

    Any non-anecdotal evidence that QC is diminishing? I've been struggling with alpha imperfections since I started buying them years ago. Seems things are about as they always were: Zeiss Marines 7X50 zero problems. Leica UVHD 8X42 focuser slop Replacement Leica UVHD 8X42 no problems Leica...
  3. dwever

    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    The resistance to being turned drops noticeably for a quarter inch. At first I thought it was play or slack, but it is still focusing, so it is only a change in resistance. I almost don’t care and won’t care if it stays where it is. If it progresses, which it hasn’t, I’ll send it in.
  4. dwever

    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Well I would add that my expectations for the NL reasonably or unreasonably approach perfection. But at the end of the day, I can still get an exact focus at any time. And if this problem were in the lesser binoculars that live on the dashboard of my F250, I wouldn’t even notice it let alone...
  5. dwever

    Focuser smoothness on NL Pure?

    Mine was perfectly smooth at purchase in March of this year. Then I posted on here April 19 that I might be feeling a difference in the focus wheel. Now, there is no question that there is a half inch spot in the rotation in either direction that is markedly different from the rest of the...
  6. dwever

    Impressed & disappointed with 10x42 NL Pure

    If that’s a settled issue, why lurk here?
  7. dwever

    ATX 115 Digiscoping Elementary Questions

    Been watching a pair of eagles behind Sonic in Wasilla. Took the photos by hand-holding an iPhone over the scope's eyepiece so pics are always blurry (high wind as you can see in the middle picture and overcast). For quite a while she sat in one place, so I figured she was incubating eggs...
  8. dwever

    If you are very pleased with NL Pure... ...

    The 115 ATX is for sale, the NL Pure is not and never has been. I’m enjoying the ATX 115 vastly in the mean time, and I have had second thoughts about it’s sale, it is an amazing instrument .
  9. dwever

    If you are very pleased with NL Pure... ...

    I never thought I would stop regretting selling my UVHD+ 7X42 or my Noctivids. I really regretted selling both. Upon the acquisition NL Pure 8X42, for the first time I had no regrets selling the other two. The NL Pures were that much better. And, I was not really a fan of the EL’s. The NL...
  10. dwever

    Swarovski ATX 115 Review

    The Swarovski ATX, 115 spotting scope comes with a crystal-clear view. Outstanding snap-to focusing reminiscent of the NL Pure binocular, and very high brightness for this kind of magnification. First time viewers so far have all been pretty awe-struck by the image in this scope. Loves...
  11. dwever

    Swarovski gimbal head PTH

    Following (ATX 115)
  12. dwever

    Tripod for very tall man with ATX 95

    ATX 115 with Gitzo GT3533LS Carbon Fiber. I’m 6’1” and there is plenty of height left. I purposely did not get a tripod with a center column for the lower center of gravity and strength (55 lbs. load limit but tripod only weighs 4.5 lbs.).
  13. dwever

    Changing from straight view to angled?

    For me it’s the magnification. I find with the ATX I just make sure to be at the lower 30X, point the end of the scope at the target, look in, and it is almost always there. such as pointing the 115 at the bald eagle’s nest and the nest will be in view.
  14. dwever

    Higher Companion Magnification To The 8X42 NL Pure - 12X42 NL Pure?

    1. I should have traveled to Anchorage Bass Pro and seen the 115 in person. The 115 is substantial. 2. I primarily bought this for September when I’m 8 days in the Alaskan wilderness. 3. Thing is, combined with the carbon fiber Gitzo, it about weighs as much as the high-powered 338 WinMag I...
  15. dwever

    Two Month Review: Swaro 10x42 NLs

    Managing Editor of Ireland's Wildlife https://irelandswildlife.com/swarovski-optik-nl-pure-10x42-binocular-review/ Besides reviews, I also believe he wrote: https://irelandswildlife.com/product/the-irish-wildlife-collection-volume-i/