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Recent content by dylan

  1. dylan

    Comment by 'dylan' in media 'Male Red-backed Shrike'

    Very nice bird, great photo. 3 hours? I'd wait 3 days for a shot like that (y)
  2. dylan

    Canon upgrade; what would you do?

    Cheers for the info Paul, appreciate it. Dylan.
  3. dylan

    Canon upgrade; what would you do?

    I've been wondering the same thing Paul, did you find this out? My D60 has let me down a few times (slow autofocus & Err01) and am looking at getting a 30D so am finding this thread very interesting! As well as the better autofocus, quicker startup, buffer & megapixels, I really like the...
  4. dylan

    Comment by 'dylan' in media 'Whitethroat'

    Beautiful photo Graham.
  5. dylan

    Comment by 'dylan' in media 'Osprey'

    Stunning photo Ian!
  6. dylan

    Processed Raw Files Versus Processed Jpegs

    Barry, another possible reason to shoot RAW: I thought I'd enter some shots in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition and was miffed when I found out that they will only accept RAW files! "It's so we can check to ensure pictures have not been manipulated outside of the permitted...
  7. Garden Robin

    Garden Robin

    He takes the Mealworms, I take the photographs.... we've got a deal.
  8. dylan

    Comment by 'dylan' in media 'The showdown....'

    Stunning photo! I half expect the camera to spin round them Matrix style :p
  9. dylan

    attacked outside my office

    Top photos Alex! Looks like the Starling put up quite a fight. You did the right thing not intervening and you certainly did the right thing by having your camera handy.
  10. Parakeet Fight

    Parakeet Fight

    Parakeets fighting over a nest hole in Bushy Park, London
  11. dylan

    Comment by 'dylan' in media 'Barn Owl'

    Sounds like you had quite a day! Great photo, normally wouldn't like to see a main road in a photo- but it makes this one (y)
  12. dylan

    Resting Buzzard in Bedington Park, South London

    I walk round Beddington fairly regularly when I look after my friends dog. A couple of weeks ago an old boy spotted my binoculars and stopped me saying that he'd seen an Eagle settled in the line of trees at the sewage farm end of the park! I suggested it was probably a Buzzard even though I've...
  13. dylan

    Birding in London...

    Sharon, if you cant afford Kew (£10 entry), bear in mind that Barnes is (£6.75 entry). I highly recommend Bushy Park, it's a lovely place and free! Dylan.
  14. dylan

    SLOGGIES Found in Red Kites nest !

    haha, I had to read this thread just to see what sloggies were!
  15. dylan

    How do I get my own web domain?

    Some websites are designed to be displayed at a fixed width. This is sometimes done so the site displays well on lower resolution monitors and sometimes just to control the way the page looks. Your site has been designed to be 792pixels wide, you can check this by looking at your CSS file here...