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Recent content by Eagle

  1. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    on 205...migrants on their way!! :cool:
  2. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    202 Common Rosefinch :cool:
  3. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    It was SORA!!!!!! What a stunner!! 201 Little Auks
  4. Eagle

    Good day out in Kent

    Quails were seen there...Elmley last year ... altho not this early!! Its a likely spot!!
  5. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    Hit the 199!!! Wonder what will be 200??????? LEO Red Crested Pochard and Green wing Teal
  6. Eagle

    New Fancy Gos'

    Goshawk alive and well and flying now!!!
  7. Eagle

    Comment by 'Eagle' in media 'Harpy Eagle'

    What a bird!! One I really want to see!! Glad you are hooked!! What a way to start birding!!
  8. Eagle

    Eagle's 2006 UK Year List

    After Friday up to 181 will put species up next week...off to Sheppey talons crossed for the Arctic Redpoll...having missed them twice so far this year!!' .....
  9. Eagle

    DoƱana. A wetland once more.

    Hi John!! Great news, makes me wish I could get over there before May...just most unlikely!! Great for the area and the birds!!
  10. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    Sounds like you were lucky...someone post a pix on Surfbirds and said it woke up for about 6 seconds in an hour on Saturday. The weather has been warmer here...do you think that would be why it even flew? I cracked 175 today with fairly common birds that eluded me in January. But talons crossed...
  11. Eagle

    Wind farm project in Basque country Northern Spain Rejected!

    Good on the local council...unfortunately if Spanish Planning is anything like ours they will appeal this and the Planning Inspector will rule or there will be a public enquiry...the Government will step in a bet your bottom dollar it will be approved. Whatever you do dont think its won...
  12. Eagle

    Twite! - Aaargghhhh!!

    Ruby ...go to Thornham!!! There's a nice showy (if Twite can ever be showy?) flock!! The Twite on Sheppey I always find...(I really didn't ever realise they were tricky!! ) but not necessarily in the same place...but never at Oare!! I'll have to consult my map as to the last place we saw...
  13. Eagle

    Birding Asia issue 4

    My copy arrived yesterday ...just had time to look at the Cover...and made myself put the magazine down as I would not have emerged again!! Just had a little look and its great!!! ah.... Tibet???? Off to fill my friends feeders and guess what I will be reading whilst checking out the local...
  14. Eagle

    Anyone been to New Zealand?

    Not been myself yet...but going Nov/Dec - a few sites to help you.... http://www.wrybill-tours.com/ http://www.naturequest.co.nz/ http://www.natureandco.co.nz/land_and_wildlife/wildlife/seabirds/idx_seabirds.php http://www.nzbirds.com/birds/gallery.html I've been told for most endemics you...
  15. Eagle

    So Hows your 2006 Yearlist Going then ?

    You trying to wind me up? You know that was my blocker til last year...but not seen yet, this year!! (168!!! Will list later! Smashed last years Jan total109...that was my first year listing!! The difference in not working full time!!) Special day today...took 30 yr 2 's (6/7 yr olds) in three...