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Recent content by eitanaltman

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    Trinovid hd 8x32 report

    There's a pretty big difference optically between a binocular of that era and a modern unit. There have been major advances in coatings and glass technology in the intervening decades, not just phase coating but also advanced multicoatings, anti-reflection coatings, dielectric coatings on roof...
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    Noctivid 7x42 will never be made?

    Although a FOV just under 8 degrees might feel pedestrian in the context of the top dogs (like Zeiss SF) it's still comfortably in the "good but not great" zone. Some top 8x42 roof prism models: 159m - Swarovski NL 8x42 ---------------- 148m - Zeiss SF 8x42 145m - Nikon MHG 8x42...
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    Noctivid 7x42 will never be made?

    Leica never leads the field (pun intended) in FOV. If you read the interview Lee posted at the top of this subforum, you will see that their design philosophy is about striking the right balance taking into account other factors like size, weight, vignetting / stray light control, etc. It...
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    Zeiss lover gets wooed by the Leica "enhanced reality" look

    You made the right choice. I agree with your conclusion that the 8x32 is redundant in your current lineup. I’ve also concluded there’s not much point in having both a compact 8x30/32 and a large 8x25. You are going to love the 7x42, it fills a very different functional niche in your lineup. And...
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    Are Leica UV HD+ 7x42 or 8x42 bins as punchy/contrasty as their 8x32 Ultravid HD + bins are?

    Ultravids look like Ultravids. Punchy, contrasty, saturated, etc. There are of course differences in exit pupil and field of view which has an impact on ease of use and brightness. The 8x32 is not as bright as the 7x42 as you’d expect, and the “darker” view can make it feel a bit “punchier” and...
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    Nikon HG 8x42 vs Trinovid HD 8x32

    Very easy to understand — it’s all about trade-offs, and the benefit of the weight savings is valued more than the “sacrifice” in image quality. Because in most situations it’s barely a sacrifice optically, if at all.
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    Leica Pocket like all purpose bino?

    I am right there with you, as I've lamented elsewhere (probably even on this thread). The primary knock against pocket bins as general-use birding optics is the exit pupil. But there's two sides to that fraction! In addition to the Leitz 6x24 that I bought recently, I've been grabbing the...
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    Ultravid 8x20...blackouts?

    Any compact binocular is going to have tiny eyecups, and any with long eye relief will mean that you'll have to balance the eyecups on the brow somewhat vs resting the eyecup in your eye socket as you would with a bigger binocular. This is true for the Ultravid 8x20, it's also true for the...
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    Leica Pocket like all purpose bino?

    No. Not if you are a serious binocular user (vs an occasional “glancer”). No 8x20 or 10x25 is a going to be a good “one and only” binocular option. The tiny size and 2.5mm exit pupil are too limiting. You can’t do serious birding with finicky eye placement. Agree with the above that a 8x25...
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    Don’t expect any difference. Leica is Leica, they have a warm, vivid, saturated color presentation. That’s their thing. It’s funny how subjective some of this is, because hearing you contrast to Zeiss as “natural” makes me shake my head. I find Leica colors far more natural, as Zeiss bins have...
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    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    Color rendition tends to be consistent across brands in the same “era”. If you previously didn’t like the color rendering of other modern Leicas, don’t expect anything different from the 7x42. “Perfect” is a tough standard as even the expensive binoculars don’t get there. Regardless, enjoy...
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    Opticron A Real Alternative To The Top European Brands !

    I’ve always had great experiences with Opticron products, and they consistently punch well above their price point with seemingly better than average quality control compared to other inexpensive, outsourced brands. I do wish they still had some premium MiJ mid-sized models, the Verano and...
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    A new (old) toy - Leitz Trinovid 6x24

    Yes, correct, with that enormous FOV it is hard to miss! It was quite difficult to even get a clear photo, with the short eye relief and huge field, as you can see I couldn't get the full field stop for the entire circle in view like I could with the 7x42. I think the auto exposure comp of the...
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    A new (old) toy - Leitz Trinovid 6x24

    Took a quick iPhone comparison snap in the yard of the 6x24's good barrel vs the 7x42 UVHD... standard caveats apply, but not too shabby for something from 1968 vs 2008!
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    A new (old) toy - Leitz Trinovid 6x24

    No doubt, I wish 6x24 was a more common format compared to the typical compacts with their tiny exit pupils (8x20, 10x25, etc). A modernized version would be a delight, and yes the Kowa 6.5x32 definitely came to mind when using them! But having a 4mm exit pupil really obviates many of the...