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Recent content by Fair Islander

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    Gull - Hangzhou, China

    Kev, this is probably a Vega Gull Have a look at this: http://www.surfbirds.com/ID%20Articles/JapanGulls/index.html Regards, Paul
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    I wouldn't be happy if I were you because the right hand bird is definetly a Common Sand, as has been suggested by people above!!!
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    Redpoll ID

    Willem just received the latest issue of Dutch Birding (the rarity issue) and recognised the photograph of the Arctic Redpoll (plate 507) which started this thread. Congratulations on your submission to CDNA and the acceptance of the record. all the best, Paul
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    Bahrain bunting?

    James, yes, you're absolutely right - looking at it again a little more carefully there are quite a few things wrong for Rock Sparrow - also a good lesson learnt in not to trust everything on the web being labelled correctly.
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    Bahrain bunting?

    check this picture http://www.geocities.com/jviana_98/Petronia_petronia.jpg
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    Bahrain bunting?

    Have you considered Rock Sparrow?
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    What kind of Thrush is this?

    Swainson's Thrush would get my vote - why? In brief - distinct 'spectacles', limited breast markings and warmish face and flanks. I think the light on the tail has over emphasised the reddish colour (besides, Hermit would show much heavier and blacker spots on the breast).
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    Nightjar sp. Abu Dhabi

    Halftwo, from the Emirates Bird Report 1995-2000: European Nightjar - Regular passage migrant, generally mid-April to May and September to November. Rare in winter. Egyptian Nightjar - Rare passage migrant and winter visitor, reported September to April. Although it doesn't id your birds, it...
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    Pectoral Sandpiper in Sydney, Australia

    Tun Pin, I'd be very happy with this as a Pectoral Sandpiper - no problems at all.
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    Markho, there are two on Fair Isle at the moment and I know a single bird was seen in Aberdeen yesterday, but yes, a tadge early yet.
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    Moth ID from Fair Isle, Shetland

    Hi Mike, Nick R is here but it stumped him too. When I suggested Nutmeg (after posting it here) then he agreed that it was. Nick also caught a Lynchis last night so probably two firsts for the island in two days. Cheers, Paul
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    Moth ID from Fair Isle, Shetland

    thanks for your help Brian