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Recent content by Ficedula

  1. Ficedula

    Wasp Challenge ID? (Ketton, Rutland)

    well rubicola is on average smaller than continuus, but they overlap, males in particular can be small. Separating features not visible to me on my screen. Couldn't be certain what sex it is, which is a necessary starting point. rubicola is much less common than continuus but not rare so...
  2. Ficedula

    Wasp Challenge ID? (Ketton, Rutland)

    1+2 are E. continuus or rubicola. Why do you think latter? cant see any key features?
  3. Ficedula

    Wasp Challenge ID? (Ketton, Rutland)

    All 3 look like Ectemnius to me.
  4. Ficedula

    Scottish holiday bees

    Would be great if you could include scientific names with such posts. I have no idea what Gypsy cuckoo be is.
  5. Ficedula

    Hoverfly ID? (Cambs. UK)

    I wouldn't be confident ruling out Melangyna umbellatarum either.
  6. Ficedula

    Tenthredo temula ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Agree with Tenthredo temula
  7. Ficedula

    Heliophilus hybridus or Heliophilus pendulus? (Cambs. UK)

    pendulus, not enough black on hind tibia. bty not aware of face difference in these two species
  8. Ficedula

    Weevil ID please? (Cambs. UK)

    Your caution is right, I was a bit concerned when I saw the ID suggested based on just one shot. They are difficult enough with specimens so as I've said before, they really need to be typical examples photographed from ideal angle (or many angles) to allow reliable ID from photos.
  9. Ficedula

    Hoverfly ID? (Cambs. UK)

    Syrphus, microscope id required
  10. Ficedula

    Tenthredo temula ID? (Cambs. UK)

    I'll try to take a look when I'm he on Friday. Can't view the photo on my phone
  11. Ficedula

    Hover(?) Fly ID please

    Always take estimated size with huge pinch of salt. BTW Chlorisops is smaller than C. formosa! Of the metallic green Stratiomyidae unarmed scutellum and hairy eyes diagnostic.
  12. Ficedula

    Hover(?) Fly ID please

    Chloromyia formosa, C tibialis has spines on scutellum
  13. Ficedula

    Fly identification

    Tabanus, possibly bromius
  14. Ficedula

    Bombus sp. ID? (Cambs. UK)

    I notice you do not say where this was taken, if not British then could be something else. Of the Bombus subgen Psithyrus only vestalis has the combination of neat coat, white tip to abdomen with definite yellow patches anterolaterally.