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Recent content by Ficedula

  1. Ficedula

    Wasp, fly?

    A somewhat implausible claim given that you are correct.
  2. Ficedula

    Bee fly? UK, July 2021

    Myathropa florea
  3. Ficedula

    The Hoverfly Thread

    #1 Eristalis #2,3,4 Apis mellifera
  4. Ficedula

    Micro Moth ID

    Not really similar, note the palps, quite different in Pammene and Dichrorampha. This is one of the D. petiverella/alpinana/flavodorsata complex best identified by gen. prep. Of these three the fact that it is on Tansey would point to petiverella or flavodorsata, but dorsal patch looks much...
  5. Ficedula

    The Hoverfly Thread

    #1 Eristalis (probably tenax, not intricaria) #2 Sphaerophoria scripta #3 Syrphus sp #4 Eupeodes sp
  6. Ficedula

    The Hoverfly Thread

    Actually a leaf-cutter bee Megachile
  7. Ficedula

    Fly ID, Essex UK

    yes, Dolicopodidae, genus Dolichopus
  8. Ficedula

    Welsh Chaffer (Hoplia philanthus)? (Cambs. UK)

    Lo Lots about at moment, seen several today, much more widespread than vernacular name suggests.
  9. Ficedula

    Cambridgeshire flower ID with unknown insect on board

    The bee is probably Andrena but that is as far as I can go.
  10. Ficedula

    European hornet or median wasp

    Dolichovespula media (unless there are other media look-alikes in Germany)
  11. Ficedula

    Insect for I/D

    The photo is low resolution so not possible to see venation adequately but seems to have small areolet so Netelia, Tryphoninae
  12. Ficedula

    Swollen-thighed Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) (Female)?? (Cambs, UK)

    without knowing size not certain, but I think Oedemera lurida which does not have swollen femora in male or female.