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Recent content by fingkisher

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    Snow Bunting - Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex

    I was delighted to get a sight of the Snow Bunting yesterday. A lovely little bird with a tame personality. A great element of fluke about it as I caught it in the corner of my eye!
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    The new Sony a6400 - potentially a very good birding camera

    Great run through of the pros and cons. I wasn't actually digging M43 out, but think that for the price this is as good an option as something like the E-M1 Mark II. Its horses for courses, personally I'd rather a larger sensor over a smaller footprint, but others may not.
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    The new Sony a6400 - potentially a very good birding camera

    Whilst I'm still not overly convinced by the wildlife lens range for Sony's Mirrorless cameras, the just announced a6400 has some really great potential to be a very good birding camera. Some of the highlights: 24MP APS-C Sensor 11 fps (full mechanical shutter) Animal Eye-AF (This is a...
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    That'd be a good start wouldn't it - shouldn't be too out of this realm for the 80D or 7D II upgrade really, either way.
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    New Forest for a New Birder

    Thanks John! We did in fact go there before Blashford, it was great. Saw a load of Goosander and started the day off by throwing my new binos in the lake (complete accident - clearly overexcited!)
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    New Forest for a New Birder

    Forgot to add that we went hunting for the White-Tailed Eagle too and unfortunately didn't spot it. Would've loved to have seen it!
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    New Forest for a New Birder

    Having only dabbled previously I've vowed to up my birding game with the help of a friend who has been doing it for years. Made it to Blashford and got to see the Yellow Browed Warbler and Great White Egret. Many Great Tits, Coal Tits, Marsh Tits, Blue Tits and my first Siskin spot (also at...
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    Would you count a bird on a camera trap as genuine tick?

    Username checks out... I'd say somebody with the name Lister is the authority on this 3:-)
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    Canon 7D MkIII ....

    Jumping on this thread late, but I truly think Canon can get away with a 7D III that has a mish-mash of the technologies that they have included in 6D/5D/1D iterations in between the 7D II and this version. Any huge technological advances will be left for 2020 and the 1D X III (Olympics year =...
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    Upgrade Camera or Glass?

    Ha! Upgraded both the camera and the lens in the end. Great choices though, how are you finding them both? Did the Mk II lens warrant the upgrade? I know the 80D would've been a well-worthy one from your previous camera - great choice there.
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    This image is pure awesome!!

    Wow. The tri-coloured heron is now on my expanding list of must-see birds! Amazing. (The list is currently pretty small tbf).
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    Ahoy from West Sussex

    Hi there! Just starting to get into this all a bit at the moment, particularly interested in the photography side of things. Have a varied range of Canon equipment, and like to experiment at the moment until I find the sticky piece of kit for me! Look forward to learning from some like-minded...