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Recent content by gdhunter

  1. gdhunter

    The Cuban Birder digital magazine Issue No.10 is out!!

    Thanks for the reply. No dates yet, but I will be sending you an email to get the process started.
  2. gdhunter

    The Cuban Birder digital magazine Issue No.10 is out!!

    A birding trip to Cuba is high on my wish-list, but from the USA the obstacles are daunting. One authorized travel category MIGHT work: Support for the Cuban People. Apparently it means not patronizing any government services. Is anyone organizing birding tours that might meet the criteria for...
  3. gdhunter

    What's the best field guide for Ecuador?

    Note that the forthcoming Helm guide is NOT a comprehensive field guide ("highlighting more than 320 regularly occurring species that can be seen by most visitors to the country, including the Galápagos"). I'm planning to take the Freile/Restall Helm field guide, the 2nd edition of the...
  4. gdhunter

    Birding guide

    Anytime I plan a trip to Costa Rica I first reach out to Patrick O'Donnell (Contact Patrick O’Donnell | Costa Rica Living and Birding) and Randall Ortega Chavez (apparently now at Home Nature - Nature Group ). It's been a while since I've been there, but it looks like both are still guiding...
  5. gdhunter

    Best ID guide for Belize

    I assume you're looking for something before late April, 2023, when the new Princeton field guide (Howell & Dyer) is due to be released: Birds of Belize (Princeton Field Guides, 158): Howell, Steve N. G., Dyer, Dale, Dyer, Dale: 9780691220727: Amazon.com: Books
  6. gdhunter

    travel safety in and around Guayaquil

    Thanks for responding. I don't begrudge our State Department it's cautious guidance. But it does help when others add context and perspective
  7. gdhunter

    travel safety in and around Guayaquil

    A U.S. State Dept travel advisory warns against travel in certain areas around and south of Guayaquil and compares Ecuador's overall travel safety to that which has existed in northern Mexico (including Sinaloa and Tamaulipas) for some time. We had been planning a trip that includes Reserva...
  8. gdhunter

    Best bird guides by region...North America

    If there is a newer edition of the Nat Geo guide than the 7th (2017) I missed it. And I can't find any reference to a newer guide at (for example) Amazon
  9. gdhunter

    Reserva Buenaventura and Umbrellabird Lodge

    We're gearing up for our first visit south of northern Ecuador. A friend (former VENT guide) highly recommends Umbrellabird Lodge in Reserva Buenaventura, and it looks like a good choice. However, when we visit an unfamiliar tropical birding destination we often retain a local guide for the...
  10. gdhunter

    Field Guide to North American Flycatchers: Empidonax and Pewees

    And you make my original point. I'm neither surprised nor disappointed by the continued use of a commonly accepted demarcation between North America and Central America. But this pointless tangent cloaked in the language of a noble crusade diverts discussion from the merits of the guide. Thanks...
  11. gdhunter

    Field Guide to North American Flycatchers: Empidonax and Pewees

    The flycatcher guide isn't an app (though perhaps it may also be offered that way). Though it's called a field guide, I suspect that it will be more useful as a reference work used to help solve ID puzzles (much like the Peterson series warbler "field guide"). I'm kinda old school, with a...
  12. gdhunter

    Field Guide to North American Flycatchers: Empidonax and Pewees

    I've seen some rational but opposing views expressed here. I've seen some irrational views expressed here. For example, it's a bit over-the-top to suggest that any definition of North America that doesn't include Mexico is "indefensible and should not occur any more". I've got probably two...
  13. gdhunter

    Field Guide to North American Flycatchers: Empidonax and Pewees

    My visits to BirdForum are increasingly infrequent, and this thread reminds me why that's true. North of Mexico works for me, and is generally understood. Certainly won't deter me from buying it. but I would have preferred the inclusion of every flycatcher genus, rather than two. How many "field...
  14. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary master lists

    Thanks for the response. I finally figured that out (after watching someone's YouTube video).
  15. gdhunter

    Birdwatcher's Diary master lists

    As noted in another thread, Birdwatcher's Diary has now been updated to run on at least the current iOS (not sure about other platforms). But the master lists available from Stevens Creek for download are not updated to any version of the latest taxonomy. Has anyone had any success creating an...