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Recent content by Gijs van Ginkel

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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    Henry, post 100, I did not read your post as trying to show the weakness of the Habicht 10x40. We have the Swarovski with strongly fixed porros you are referring to, but that is not my favorite. for different reasons. We have taken apart quite a few porros and many have the spring construction...
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    Henri, post 91, If you look into binocular history you will see that many military organisations use different kind of porro's and treatment of these porros is quite a bit rougher than falling on a carpet. We have many porros from different production years in our cupboards and some of them you...
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    Swarovski NL 8x42 - First Impressions

    Ed, post 919, No I use them in the orginal state. Gijs van Ginkel
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    What's the view through a 1996 Leica Trinovid BCA 8x20 like in 2022?

    In addition to my post 28 a quotation from Garry Hawkins book regarding the Leica 7x20B and 9x25B: "these were developed in conjunction with Leupold and were completely watrproof with individual eyepiece focusing. They sold in very limited numbers". End of quotation. That should answer all...
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    What's the view through a 1996 Leica Trinovid BCA 8x20 like in 2022?

    tenex, post 27, Excellent questions certainly worth investigating. Gijs van Ginkel
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    Swarovski Habicht 7x42 GA

    Bill, post 82, It is a pity you live so far away otherwise I had invited you for a nice dinner. I like you. Gijs van Ginkel
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    What's the view through a 1996 Leica Trinovid BCA 8x20 like in 2022?

    MikeF, post 12, All my quotes are from Gary Hawkins book from 2007 called "NOVELTIES, The story of the Leica Trinovid". Gijs van Ginkel
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    What's the view through a 1996 Leica Trinovid BCA 8x20 like in 2022?

    Gary Hawkins has published a small very informative booklet on the production of Leitz-Leica compacts (with serial numbers): - in 1975 the series 8x20 C and 10x22C came into production.. It was updated in 1983 while the 10x22C was replaced by the 10x25. The new versions were now fitted with...
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    I am thinking the new 32 mm alphas from Swarovski and Zeiss are the best birding binoculars you can buy right now.

    The amount of light leaving a binocular is determined by two parameters: (1) the size of the exit pupil and (2) the amount of light passing through the optical components: light transmission. As far as I know the concept of twilight factor has been abandoned already quite some time ago. Gijs...
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    8x32 UVHD+ vs 7x35 Retrovid

    Einaltman, post 19, The Leica Ultravid 8x32 is a very compact and nice binocular, but the GPO Passion ED 8x32 is almost exactly the same size and has very good optical and handling properties, so it would be nice to compare them especially since the GPO is much lower in price. Could offer a...
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    6 January 2022 - New Leica announcement

    Dries1, in addition to my previous post: the Diagon shown in our report could be a military model with IF. Gijs van Ginkel
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    6 January 2022 - New Leica announcement

    Dries, post 179, The Hensoldt Diagon shown in the picture has IF, I did not have one available with CF. Gijs van Ginkel
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    6 January 2022 - New Leica announcement

    We have investigated the Leica 8x42 rangefinder with Perger prisms (for those who are interested it is published on the WEB-site of House of Outdoor en, not very logical, but so is life, it is at the end of the test of the new Zeiss 8x32 SF and Swarovski NL pure 8x32. I like the looks of this...
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    Binocular upgrade

    Woen, post 9, There are quite a few good binocular shops in The Netherlands, so it must be easy to find one: for example the shop of the Dutch Bird Protection Asssociation in Zeist, House of Outdoor in Maarssen, the birding shop on the island of Texel to name a few. The choice which one to buy...
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    repair cost

    For me it is clear: Leica does not do itself a favour by handling the way they do. The solution is so simple: visit/contact the shop that has problems you generated (wise since disappointed customers will never return to your brand if you do not solve the matter). We have seen successes from...