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Recent content by Glaucous1

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    Brown Bear cam in Estonia

    Was there a few weeks ago back end of May. To give an idea of distance from the hide, this is an uncropped image using a Canon 500mm f4. Photography wise, light goes really quickly in the forest - this was taken on a bright sunny day at 8.30pm, but even at that time I had to go to 3,200 ISO...
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    Bean Geese but which race?

    Looks very short necked, would think it was a tundra. Attached a shot of some North Yorkshire birds from December, which were settled on locally as tundra. Don't claim to be an expert, as I don't see that many of either race on a frequent basis.
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    Swift ID Whitburn Co.Durham

    A few shots of the Filey bird attached. Not mine, but I've had permission to post. Taken with the sea as a backdrop.
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    Swift ID Whitburn Co.Durham

    Shot of the Filey bird from Sunday attached. Poor light, overexposed photo, so not ideal. Better images of this bird exist - I'll try to get permission to upload one.
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    Places for Bird Photography in Yorkshire in September

    If you decide on the Yorkshire coast Garnata and I'm available, I'm happy enough to show you around the Filey or Scarborough area. Dave
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    Yorkshire Birding

    Not a huge amount seen on either cruise. Apart from the already mentioned sooties, just odd passing arctic skua and manx, plus gannet, fulmar, great black-backed, etc. When we hit the herring shoal I thought they'd be a good chance of a feeding frenzy. Instead probably 10-12 birds, virtually...
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    Yorkshire Birding

    [I]Whilst talking to the guys looking to refloat this animal one of them told me he has been going of Whitby for the last 4 weeks and is seeing Minke between 2 and 9 mile off and has 8 identified animals and believes there have been upto 20, they have now moving south to off Scarborough. [/I]...
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    fly by diver, Holy island

    Attached a photo of a red-throated diver - may just be in the angles/photos, but the proportions don't look the same as the OP's bird.
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    40D Error 99

    Attached one of the last few shots taken with my 40D - the odd one was missing the bottom of the image. Guessing it was probably a shutter problem.
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    40D Error 99

    My 40D went the same way the start of this week, would take a max of two or three photos before the error message reappears. Has already gone for repair, meanwhile using a backup 30D which has taken more shots than the 40D, without any problems.
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    North-west Scotland

    Planning a possible trip to Scotland next week. I'll probably start off with a bash at the bottle-nosed dolphins on the Moray Firth (if they're there), before moving over to the west coast for a look for whales from a cruise, as well as sea-eagles from Portree on Skye. May stay in the Gairloch...
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    Just purchased Indian Gimbal

    Not just you Vince, by coincidence I also received one this morning, the larger version. First screw to be tightened sheared, so thought maybe I'd applied too much pressure - again I'll source some better quality ones.
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    Canon 500mm f4

    The person the lens came from used it for aviation photography, and set it on mode 2 for panned shots of planes in flight, presumably in the same way Marcus does. No one is having problems using mode 1, and that is pretty much the favoured choice by everyone, so I'll leave it on that setting -...
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    Canon 500mm f4

    Had another bash at a couple of test shots in some fairly poor conditions in Yorkshire today ie: lead grey skies and heavy rain. Not a huge sample (3 shots on each setting), but tripod mounted the shots with or without IS were pretty good on mode 1, don't look as good on mode 2.
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    Canon 500mm f4

    Thanks for that, looks like mode 1 is the one to use for most shots, with the IS always on. Did do some tests on a static object a few days ago in reasonable conditions & light, and was struggling to see much of a difference in the images with the IS on or off (or even what mode was selected)...