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Recent content by GMK

  1. GMK

    Canarian Black Oystercatcher

    An alternative view of Haematopus meadewaldoi now published in Ibis, and also available here: (PDF) Species, subspecies or morph—what was the Canary Islands Oystercatcher?
  2. GMK


    Deeper resolution as to the systematic placement of Bee Hummingbird recently published by Lawrie et al. (2021) The systematic position of the Bee Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae) (Aves: Trochilidae) and potential consequences for nomenclature of the Mellisugini. Orn. Neotrop. 32: 45–50...
  3. GMK


    The clue is in the file name of the .pdf ("tapa" = cover). Unfortunately, uploading any file (even just the cover of a book) will mean that RG identifies the work has being "full text available".
  4. GMK

    Storrs Lovejoy Olson, 1944 - 2021

    Storrs had been ill with cancer for some months, at least. He died within the last few days, but I can't tell you more than that. Incidentally, placing this in the paleontology forum somewhat underplays his importance. Storrs was WAY more than just a paleontologist, which is what made him such...
  5. GMK

    Thinornis rossii

    Some people might be interested in a recent paper published in Notornis on a mysterious shorebird taxon: Kirwan, G. M. & Collar, N. J. 2020. Reflections on Thinornis rossii. Notornis 67(4): 773–781. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/347469567_Reflections_on_Thinornis_rossii
  6. GMK

    Ivory-billed Woodpecker: Debunking the Critics

    Very pertinent question. Back in summer 2006, I was at the Smithsonian talking to Gary Graves about the Arkansas "claims". I'll always remember what he said: "It ain't ornithology, it's psychology". The same seems true to this day. For the record, Graves had been surveying the Big Woods each...
  7. GMK

    Taxonomic ‘impediment’, ‘gap’, ‘inflation’ and ‘anarchy’

    Perhaps of interest to some readers of this forum. Fairly recently published. Marcos A. Raposo , Guy M. Kirwan, Ana Carolina Calijorne Lourenço, Gisela Sobral, Flávio Alicino Bockmann & Renata Stopiglia (2020). On the notions of taxonomic ‘impediment’, ‘gap’, ‘inflation’ and ‘anarchy’, and...
  8. GMK

    Latest Lynx releases

    Replying as one (of the three) Lynx field guide series coordinators, the survey was a genuine attempt to canvas opinion. Of course, we had our own perceptions of gaps in the market/areas or countries that could benefit from a new guide, etc., but we certainly did want to hear from his many...
  9. GMK

    Birds of Argentina

    It means absolutely the same thing. The difference reflects where different publishers actually print their books. Currently, many Helm/Bloomsbury titles are printed in India, with the vast majority of the stock being shipped by sea to the UK for onward distribution. Lynx titles are printed in...
  10. GMK

    Audubon's Bird of Washington: the fraud that launched his Birds of America

    Layperson's introduction to the case: https://www.birdguides.com/articles/comment/what-is-the-real-legacy-of-john-james-audubon/
  11. GMK

    Audubon's Bird of Washington: the fraud that launched his Birds of America

    Two posts on the National Audubon Society website reveal its response to their namesake's racism and other issues. The paper discussed here is briefly mentioned in the second: https://www.audubon.org/news/revealing-past-create-future https://www.audubon.org/news/the-myth-john-james-audubon
  12. GMK

    Audubon's Bird of Washington: the fraud that launched his Birds of America

    A viewpoint, but nevertheless this and your other post suggest you have not actually read the paper critically. Firstly, as some background, the paper was peer-reviewed by three ornithologists with long experience in analysing both historical specimens and, even more importantly, artistic...
  13. GMK

    Audubon's Bird of Washington: the fraud that launched his Birds of America

    Of course, you might choose to narrowly focus on the issue of the continued use of Audubon's name at subspecific level in the light of this paper, and that is obviously a valid topic to discuss in the taxonomy forum. However, I consider that the real interest of Halley's paper is the fact that...
  14. GMK

    Audubon's Bird of Washington: the fraud that launched his Birds of America

    Widely known as one of the most famous and valuable of all bird books, Audubon’s The Birds of America, brought its author fame that lasts to this day. In a new paper in the Bulletin of the British Ornithologists’ Club, Matthew Halley reveals that the book might never have been published but for...
  15. GMK

    Unified taxonomy

    Was or wasn't Meinertzhagen a scientist? He wasn't a trained one. Was he engaged in scientific endeavour? Yes. If you pull apart the bird work to reveal all of the lies and theft, there's still some science left at the core, more than just Montifringilla theresae as a perfectly valid species...