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Recent content by Graham Osborne

  1. Graham Osborne

    What to use when your 8x binoculars aren't powerful enough?

    Nikon ED50 (or similar) with 16x or 20x eyepiece plus a shoulder pod might be an option.
  2. Graham Osborne

    Zeiss Binocular Design: A Personal Overview Part 2

    Thanks Lee. Enjoyable reading.
  3. Graham Osborne

    Bird species seen just the once in your yard/garden.

    I had a Black Redstart (Phoenicurus ochruros) on my shed roof in my suburban Sussex garden a few years ago - stayed for about 10 seconds.
  4. Graham Osborne

    Comment by 'Graham Osborne' in media 'Little Owl'

    Fabulous shot!
  5. Graham Osborne

    SF 8x32 v NL Pure 8x42

    Thanks for that information - very helpful. As you also say, weight is a major consideration. I hope to be able to try both models before too long.
  6. Graham Osborne

    SF 8x32 v NL Pure 8x42

    I know that the lack of reference to Swaroclean on the NL Pure has been touched on briefly in another thread, and I am also aware that it is a coating that perhaps has no meaningful effect on the optical performance (hence may not have been identified as present by Swarovski in their technical...
  7. Graham Osborne

    Review: Zeiss Victory SF 8x32

    Great review Lee - thanks. I am greatly looking forward to the day when Park Cameras is open again and the SF32 is in stock. |^|
  8. Graham Osborne

    Beetle ID

    Many thanks - very helpful.
  9. Graham Osborne

    Beetle ID

    Actually, I am now inclined towards this being one of the Flea Beetles in the genus Altica. Any thoughts from others would be most welcome.
  10. Graham Osborne

    Beetle ID

    Hi All I am looking for an ID on this specimen, seen in West Sussex today. I suspect that it might be a Blue Mint Beetle, Chrysolina coerulans and I would be most grateful for a confirmation or correction as appropriate.
  11. Graham Osborne

    ED50 20x or 27x DS question

    I have an ED50A (as well as an ED82A) and I use mine almost exclusively as a travel scope. I use a 20w for 95% of the time but I also take a 40x/75x (old style MC with fold-down eyecup) and use it for more distant viewing as required. In good light the 40x is very useable in my view and I would...
  12. Graham Osborne

    Win Opticron Binoculars answer two questions!

    a) Park Cameras, Burgess Hill, UK b) Excellent service
  13. Graham Osborne

    Best Scope Size

    Hi Lee I'm not sure how practicable it would be to fit a WA zoom of another brand to the Nikon. Eyepieces are connected with a screw thread of limited diameter. Someone may have done this however - perhaps with the Baader? Nevertheless, I find that 30x suits my needs in most situations so this...
  14. Graham Osborne

    Best Scope Size

    I have a Nikon Fieldscope ED82A which I think is pretty much ideal for use here in UK. The only downside is no wide-angle zoom eyepiece but I love the prime MC eyepieces. The view is fantastically bright at 30x which is what I use 90% of the time. I will put on a 50x or (in good light and when...