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Recent content by Hotspur

  1. Hotspur

    Firth of Forth, Scotland

    Yup, both Red-throats as Andrew says
  2. Hotspur

    Tonn the GSE arrives in Spain

    I look forward to seeing Tonn again at El Hondo next winter as this one is a write off. Love watching him come in to roost over the lagoons at dusk. Our planned trip would have been too early this year although I saw him in December a couple of years ago. He was in his second winter I think when...
  3. Hotspur

    Info needed: Red Fronted Serin

    I have done the Erendag mountains near Seki, beyond the Ski-centre twice and the Gogu-Beli pass on the first trip in the last fortnight. At the pass there were too many tourists so no flocks near the troughs but a nice close Western Rock Nuthatch was messing about. At Erendag I managed a few...
  4. Hotspur

    Bird ID (Spain)

    Except cirtensis is considered closer to vulpinus than rufinus and in need taxonomic revision. Dick Forsmann also considers Gibraltar buzzards to show features intermediate to cirtensis and vulpinus. Go figure!
  5. Hotspur

    Bird ID (Spain)

    Depends on your take on cirtensis and then Gibraltar Buzzard.
  6. Hotspur

    May 20th, a Sylvia at Landguard Point, Suffolk

    Three firsts doesn't mean you don't make things up. This was never a Subalpine Warbler and yet again your overactive imagination has led you to the wrong conclusion. You'll call it shooting from the hip, I call it stringing. You got a trip to the coast in so obviously for such an expert birder...
  7. Hotspur

    May 20th, a Sylvia at Landguard Point, Suffolk

    Part 487 of Ken goes stringing.
  8. Hotspur

    Unknown falcon - Slovakia

    Female RFF
  9. Hotspur

    Kenya, Skua

    That's pretty convincing, I cant see it as Sooty Gull, I haven't seen that species make these sort of shapes although my experience has been from a flattish Red Sea. I think its a small stercorarius sp. and can buy into what you are saying.
  10. Hotspur

    Kenya, Skua

    Arctic Skua is my gut feeling. Deepest part is in the chest and looks like two white primaries rather than one for LTS. Difficult to be sure.
  11. Hotspur

    Lamprey ID: Brook vs River.

    Thats River I think, muddy looking and fat and it doesnt have the bug eyed look of brook. First brooks may be about but better timing for River who spawn March-April. Brook requires a water temp of 10c to start breeding behaviour.
  12. Hotspur

    Sparrowhawk? - North Somerset - April 2020

    Agree, Sparrowhawk. Short, rounded hand, short-necked. It is displaying with its UTCs flared so looks thicker in the hips than reality.
  13. Hotspur

    Big Scoter Movement

    None of my mates listening up there afaik. 9 flocks here in East Yorks but seemingly much higher up. I’d certainly have missed some without headphones.