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Recent content by Hotspur

  1. Hotspur

    Raptor ID Central France

    I think its a Gos but hard to be 100%. Wings look too long for Spar and it looks well built but really accipiter sp is probably where to draw the line.
  2. Hotspur

    Buzzard or Bonelli's?

    Looks like a juv Honey Buzzard to me. I wonder if the tail barring has been lost in lightening the picture. Bonelli's always strikes me as a giant goshawk with Eagle wings and I wouldnt expect it to be so dark. It looks too lanky for Common Buzzard,
  3. Hotspur

    Bird of prey identification in Somerset

    Yup, the picture is definitely a Buzzard.
  4. Hotspur

    Dunlin ? N.Sweden

    All Dunlin
  5. Hotspur

    Birding in Alicante Province

    I've just seen this. They used to breed in a palm by the football pitch near El Hondo at the beginning of the Vistabella Road as you head in from La Marina but its probably 8 years since I last saw them there so no idea if it is still a good location.
  6. Hotspur

    Occurrence of pale phase Common Buzzards?

    Pale phase Buzzards are really very common in the south west, especially immature birds and arent really noteworthy. I would be surprised if I didn't see one in the south west whereas here in Yorkshire they are unusual but regular. Two local ones at Wykeham Forest and Tophill Low are regularly...
  7. Hotspur

    ID Bird (Aujols, Lot, France)

    Greenfinch I think, although its an odd angle.
  8. Hotspur

    Vismigging and back problems

    I'd strongly suggest seeing a doctor although core exercises are likely to help as those muscles provide support, relieving pressure on the back.
  9. Hotspur

    Whatbird?-Northwest Louisiana

    Swainsons for me too.
  10. Hotspur

    Bird of prey, Cottbus, Germany

    I'd agree, certainly Milvus sp. How common are Black kite in your area?
  11. Hotspur

    Ancient photo of a turtle, Point Pelee, Ontario

    Seems fair enough - my maps (from Peterson) are likely out of date and insufficiently fine scale. But still a Midland Painted :).
  12. Hotspur

    Ancient photo of a turtle, Point Pelee, Ontario

    Midland Painted Turtle Chrysemys picta marginata. Red-eared Slider occurs not far away and has more patterned scoots but isnt mapped as occurring at Point Pelee.
  13. Hotspur

    Hobby in Scotland

    Yes, I've seen a handful and found a territory in Central Scotland that was confirmed the following year. I suspect there are many more pairs but they are both secretive and their breeding season falls outside the normal raptor monitoring period for other Scottish raptors so they are overlooked.