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Recent content by Ian Hay

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    Photography on YouTube

    If anyone would like a bit of an escapism I have started doing some photography films on YouTube including Red Grouse, Capercaillie, beaver and Red Squirrel. I would really appreciate some constructive feedback. My channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzIEwCiQup1YefAxbzCusSw Also a...
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    Snow Buntings

    Just a quick one. Do Snow Buntings hang around walkers on top of Cairngorm Mountain like they do on Ben Macdui? Ian
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    Tayforth Birding

    At least one Quail heard in fields by Tannadice heard yesterday evening
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    Birds fae Torry

    Might be worth sending the dolphin photo to Charlie Phillips to get the individual dolphin identified. Could well be 'Carter' if it was a long way up the channel. Ian
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    Birds fae Torry

    Quick question. Does anyone have a list of all the bird species recorded at Girdleness? If not what is the highest patch list. Thanks Ian
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    Otter chases man

    I cannot see anything in this video that looks like an attack. I have seen otters fight and it did not look like that. I would suggest its a cub that has lost its mum, the calls are more like contact calls. I have also seen a mum look at me and bare its teeth, again not like the poor one in the...
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    Cetaceans - Aberdeen and beyond

    A few bits on news Bottlenose Dolphins just about all the time at the harbour along with 2 regular Otters. Dead Porp on the beach opposite cadonas on Monday I will be doing some early morning photo trips starting on the 5.30am on the 7th of May, pm for details. The people who run the dolphin...
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    Knapdale Beavers

    Delia Have you seen the ones closer to home? Ian
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    The Highlands and Islands Thread

    Rich Also stay late, I have been a couple of times when everyone left after getting a glimpse only for me to be the only one remaining when the birds showed really well, 2 males and 3 females one time about 5 years ago. Ian
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    Capercaille whereabouts

    James In my opinion their is no real problem looking for them responsibly outwith the breeding season. However you will need to do a lot of walking and views are likely to be of a large bird smashing though the branches away from you. However if you find a rouge male, which are active from...
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    Birding around Nagoya and Kyoto

    My wife is from Nagoya and her family still lives their. From a western stand point it is very hard to find the 'real' Japan. The place is very cluttered with signs, power lines and vending machines everywhere. Kyoto has nice parts but as a city is more like Birmingham or Glasgow than York or...
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    Cetaceans - Aberdeen and beyond

    will be doing a survey to the northern isles tonight so will keep a look out. Ian
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    Tayforth Birding

    Had a quick drive up one of the Glens this morning and it was full of life. 3 Cookoo being mobbed by angry mippits. 2 Red Kites including R3 from the wing tag as well as grouse and curlew chicks everywhere. Ian
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    Cetaceans - Aberdeen and beyond

    Just a note to say that Aberdeens Urban Dolphins were on the one show last night but only in England. If interested they are at about 19mins
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    Cetaceans - Aberdeen and beyond

    Non stop dolphin action at the harbour now. Spent last Thursday filming with the One Show, had dolphins around harbour for 8hours however seamed to be feeding on small fish not usual salmon. Ian