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Recent content by Iceberg slim

  1. Iceberg slim

    Seiko 6309 Divers

    just got a nice SKX 009 Divers watch, simple but smart
  2. Iceberg slim

    Welcome to the new site! 👋

    looking good Team
  3. Iceberg slim

    What Really Constitutes a Alpha Grade Pair Of Binoculars ?

    I think the 'Alpha bin' syndrome is interpreted differently across the world, but without a doubt in western Europe?, the big 3 reign supreme, not just because you'll not get much Beer money change out of 6K for the 3, but because of their ability to produce what Birders require, Crystal sharp...
  4. Iceberg slim

    Yanachaga Chemillén National Park, Peru

    Bought back great memories from my trip in 2003 to Satipo/Oxapamapa, we camped right underneath the antenna, glorious report and superb photographs
  5. Iceberg slim

    Info needed: Red Fronted Serin

    Easy up at Akseki.
  6. Iceberg slim

    What is the Noctivid about?

    Their is definitely an issue, with Dioptre adjustment,(see my previous post on this issue) it does not lock it in place, with in a day of setting it, i am then able to move through the full range without having to pull the cap up as you usually would to set it, i asked my mate, who purchased at...
  7. Iceberg slim

    Local bird guide - Aguas Calientes

    Be polite to the Guard on the Entrance to the Inkaterra hotel, Agues Caliente, had superb views of COTR last june
  8. Iceberg slim

    P900- uploading videos to I phone 8.

    I don't think the App allows video transfer
  9. Iceberg slim

    P1000 charging firmware update

    Be awesome if you could get a Sensor upgrade for this camera, surely its possible?
  10. Iceberg slim

    What is the Noctivid about?

    Considering this is actually, and primarily a forum for Birds, Birding, Birders, most people on his thread use these Premium binoculars for that said purpose, are any of the Tedious threads on the mechanics of a binocular actually alluding to their unhappiness at actually Birding or Birdwatching...
  11. Iceberg slim

    What is the Noctivid about?

    Patudo, That sums up using the NVs superbly, i owned Swaro SVs and imho the NVs are sharper, maybe the Swaros are brighter, but the Colour rendition of the NVs is supreme
  12. Iceberg slim

    Noctivid 10x42 vs Ultravid HD+ 10x50

    I have got a feeling as Mike F expertly says......Uh uh User error...Ready player 1, lol
  13. Iceberg slim

    Noctivid 10x42 vs Ultravid HD+ 10x50

    I could see that that maybe the only reason the dial was moving, but i was sure, i hadn't touched it, the guy at my optics retailer, said he couldn't replicate the fault either, on the plus side, they do seem as smooth as new, so the tech-bods obviously cleaned them up a tad
  14. Iceberg slim

    Noctivid 10x42 vs Ultravid HD+ 10x50

    Well i got my Nocts back today, and perplexingly, Leica cannot find an issue, and claim they are still 100% in working order, after extensive tests by their technicians. Maybe it was just me inadvertently clicking open the dioptere setting, it happened twice, so i'd better just keep an eye on them
  15. Iceberg slim

    The P1000 is big

    Storming Tanager