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Recent content by jafritten

  1. jafritten

    Binocular Sightings

    Arijit, what happened to the eyecups of the Swarovski and the Omegon?
  2. jafritten

    CL Curio 7x21: protection for apparent metal

    I think he's not so much bothered about the wear. I think he doesn't like the cold metal feel.
  3. jafritten

    'RetroPorro' a Possibility says Leica

    That's a bit over the top... It must be some 30 cm in width. Certainly not of much use for birding. Maybe to simulate drug abuse. Thanks for the image.
  4. jafritten

    'RetroPorro' a Possibility says Leica

    Thank you very much for your clarifying the matter, John. The images in the High end porro thread are very illustrative. My idea of a porro would be one with objectives outside the eye pieces.
  5. jafritten

    'RetroPorro' a Possibility says Leica

    Thank you, Holger. One thing that I (and probably many other people) like about porro designs is that they have a wider stereo basis than roofs and thus generate a better representation of depth of space (3D view), on the downside they are "bulkier", naturally. So, you can't have one without the...
  6. jafritten

    'RetroPorro' a Possibility says Leica

    Now, that's interesting. I didn't know that. Thank you. In what ways would a Perger porro be better than a traditional porro design when no rangefinding is needed?
  7. jafritten

    'RetroPorro' a Possibility says Leica

    I'd love a Leica porro! A 7x35 would be great for me. However, I'm not too sure about a Perger porro. They're said to balance well (the Geovids) and they're supposed to be fine optics but I think the design is not exactly sleek. Awkward some might say. I've heard many a user praise the design of...
  8. jafritten

    sw EL 10x32 or Leica HD+ 10x32

    Probably a typo. Or the NL used back to front.
  9. jafritten

    Do we look for problems??

    Funny, isn't it? All those great binoculars bring us pleasure and joy until we start comparing them.
  10. jafritten

    Tobias’ Visit to Leica Wetzlar

    "They still come with a thirty year guarantee - a unique feature." Huh? My Ultravids only have 10 years. All bought in Germany between 2014 and 2020.
  11. jafritten


    Thank you! The owl I posted the other day looked even nicer through my 7x42s...
  12. jafritten


    Leica is the only jewellery I wear.
  13. jafritten


    No, I don't. Do you?
  14. jafritten


    Here's my trinity - a family shot as it were: 8x20, 10x32, 7x42
  15. jafritten


    I hold them like this, too. With the thumbs on the opposite barrels (right thumb on left barrel).