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Recent content by james holdsworth

  1. james holdsworth

    Victory FL discontinued?

    Both my HT and Victory Pocket have reddish objective coatings, less blue purple than my Victory FL, but both seem completely colour neutral….the SF series must be quite different as they seem much warmer in comparison.
  2. james holdsworth

    Zeiss Victory Pocket 8x25 - Globe or no Globe?

    I see zero and I see it well in various Swarovskis.
  3. james holdsworth

    Where are made the Conquest HD

    So it seems the made in Germany label is useless and completely duplicitous.
  4. james holdsworth

    Where are made the Conquest HD

    I’d like to know that too as it is implied that the origin label is dishonest and unethical, possibly fraudulent. If the Conquests really are made in Japan then Zeiss is fraudulently using the “made in Germany” label to sell product upmarket.
  5. james holdsworth

    I too purchased the 8x32 NL and 8x32 SF

    Try them both for lens fogging.
  6. james holdsworth

    Oh crap, the diopter knob is gone

    I have this binocular…any known reason for these failures?
  7. james holdsworth

    Let's talk PORROS!

    Does anyone make a non phase corrected roof anymore ?
  8. james holdsworth

    Impact of Subtle Changes

    Dump unnaturally large amounts of garbage and poison in the soil and air and eventually you have to pay the piper. We are stripping this world bare, little by little…we are too many, too greedy and too selfish. Wild swings in temperatures and storms are the direct result of degraded ecosystems...
  9. james holdsworth

    Roger Vine's Zeiss 20x60S review

    I’ve said it a few times…this is a 30 year old design. Considering what Zeiss was able to do back then, just think what a modern version could be…..smaller, lighter, better glass and coatings, better eyepieces etc.etc
  10. james holdsworth

    Victory FL discontinued?

    Case meaning casing I’d assume…and I’d opine most buyers wouldn’t have a clue as to the construction…and if they did I’m sure glass fibre reinforced polymer would be well received as it sounds suitably exotic for a pricey item..rather than boring old metals lol.
  11. james holdsworth

    Wish List...

    Lol, doesn’t really help though…I can’t walk a km out into the lake, even if the birds can’t see me.
  12. james holdsworth

    New Swarovski 7x Binocular

    I assume the uneven heights of the oculars / eyecups is not a design specification…
  13. james holdsworth

    Wish List...

    Most of these wishes are tweaks to what we already have…I want radical reinvention.
  14. james holdsworth

    Wish List...

    It’s needs to be an all in one…binocular with optical zoom to 25x, image stabilized, photo / video capable. Needs to replace scope, tripod, camera and large lens….would be a replacement for everything we are forced to carry now and I’d pay thousands.
  15. james holdsworth

    QC Issues Victory SF

    Maybe the assumption is that most buyers are optically savvy when it comes to binoculars. I would say this is definitely not the case, more like maybe 5% really know anything about what they’re using. When it comes to rolling ball or some other optical aberration most users would be completely...