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Recent content by James Lowther

  1. J

    Great Egret or Great Blue (white phase)

    just as an aside - Great White Heron Ardea occidentalis has been recently split by Birdlife International (although the split was declined by NACC and IOC) cheers, James
  2. J

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Ticking doradito and Patagonian forest earthcreeper splits are not really covered in the original either Cheers James
  3. J


    According to Birds of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Andrews) the LSTL that breed in the Eastern desert (which should be ssp minor i.e. Mediterranean STL under the new split) are largely absent in winter, so it seems some Mediterranean STL are migratory. So some areas of the Middle East...
  4. J

    Inglorous Bustard? Weymouth

    This bird has been knocking around Weymouth for a few months now Cheers James
  5. J

    Dark-bellied or pale-bellied Brent Goose (Nov 7, 2020, Netherlands, Coast)

    Sorry but you’re describing “hybridisation” not “intergradation”... Intergradation posits the existence of entire areas where entire populations of intermediate animals exist. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intergradation This is not the case with pale and dark-bellied hybrids. OTOH...
  6. J

    Dark-bellied or pale-bellied Brent Goose (Nov 7, 2020, Netherlands, Coast)

    i don't think "intergrades" between dark-bellied and pale-bellied occur, as their breeding ranges are disjunct. Hybrids are a different matter though. Grey-bellied brent should have a large neck collar however (like black brant), which the subject bird doesn't show. cheers, James
  7. J

    'Birds of the Middle East' for Greece?

    At least, capercaillie, Rock partridge, Three-toed woodpecker, crested tit. Probably a few more species that are vagrant to Greece. If you are thinking whether that book will be suitable for a trip to Greece then I would think it would be adequate provided you get hold of a decent checklist for...
  8. J

    Olive Sparrow and Olive Warbler

    Sorry you misunderstood what I’m saying. There is no tradition of formulating English names that apply to single genera e.g. Arremon are called “sparrows” but so are countless other genera. On the other hand some single genera e.g. Anas, Tringa etc have multiple English names associated with...
  9. J

    Olive Sparrow and Olive Warbler

    That’s not correct, regardless of whether the name is Arremonidae or Passerellidae, Olive Sparrow is in the same family as the North American Sparrows (see Dan’s post). Genera like Arremonops do not generally have English names. Cheers James
  10. J

    Olive Sparrow and Olive Warbler

    Peucedramidae = “olive warbler”. (No plural for monotypic families) Arremonidae = “American sparrows” (John Boyd). I guess “new world sparrows” would work as well Cheers James
  11. J

    Joint BF Lockdown Listing - Autumn 2020

    Not sure if it counts yet but saw a swallow while walking out from my English home this morning James
  12. J

    Covid - effect on bird tourism

    one of the reasons Taiwan has such low COVID numbers is it is completely closed to international tourism... James
  13. J

    Morocco birding trip

    almost all birding areas in morocco can be done without a guide and without hassle (although fossil sellers at Oukaimeden can be a bit irritating..). probably the only exceptions the Merja Zerga marsh owl area and Oued Massa bald ibis site. Tamri bald ibis site can be done without a guide...
  14. J

    Covid - effect on bird tourism

    Indeed. For example your entire thesis of labs dealing with a heavy backload by inventing positive tests seems to rest on the fact you uncritically believed your friends when they told you they tested positive then later on tested negative (shocker). But, maybe they were lying to you? Maybe they...
  15. J

    Covid - effect on bird tourism

    Or the lizard men are hacking into the PCR machines?