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Recent content by Janar

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    How can I protect a nest from crows?

    Basically, there is nothing you can do. This is nature. Sparrows usually defend their nest very aggressively, they resist crows very well. What I recommend is to build or buy a birdhouse and install it nearby. If the crows destroy sparrow's nest and eggs they will have the opportunity to build a...
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    Empty nestbox

    Hi, and welcom. I definitely empty the birdbox if theres no activity. Because some birds can use it for roosting and shelter. Here is some good articles about chickadees and birdbox cleaning. Chickadee birdhouse plans and nesting habits - birdhouseplan.com Cleaning Your Bluebird Nest Boxes -...
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    Chickadee help

    Here is blog post about chickadees. Chickadee Birdhouse Plan And Nesting Habits - birdhouseplan.com
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    Comment by 'Janar' in media 'bluebird box.jpg'

    Beautiful blue color. https://birdhouseplan.com/bluebird-house-kits/
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    Should I empty the bird box after nest?

    Yes clean it🙂. Here is some tips about chickadees (tits) https://birdhouseplan.com/chickadee-birdhouse-plans/
  6. J

    3d printing nest boxes

    It can work if you make birdhouse wall thickness 0.75"(20mm). Because if the wall is thinner, the birdhouse can easily overheat in summer. In winter it does not provide enough shelter birds to roost. Here is a post, what wood is best for birdhouses...
  7. J

    What happened to my house wrens?

    Its difficult to say due to which wrens abandon the nest. Clean Wren house every before and after breading season that chicks accidentally don't wriggled out the nest. Here is post about wrens. https://birdhouseplan.com/wren-bird-houses/
  8. J

    Are the great tits in my garden just teasing me?

    Yes, entrance hole size is useally the key. Have you cleaned the birdhouse? If not, be sure to do so. The birdhouse must be cleaned before and after every breeding season. This may be the reason why tits do not want to use it. Here is good article chickadees (tits) birdhouse and nesting habits...
  9. J

    Bird box help!

    This is predator guard. But the sad thing is bird sometimes don't know how to enter the birdhouse if this predator guard is installed. Here is different predator guards or drill right size entrance hole. https://birdhouseplan.com/chickadee-birdhouse-plans/...
  10. J

    What’s using my new tilt box??

    Hard to say who uses it. Start recording, you'll see :). Be sure to clean it to prevent mold or bacteria. Here is lots of info about birdhouses. https://birdhouseplan.com/
  11. J

    New to Nest Boxes

    Welcome to Bird Forum, Quantum. It's nature but sad to hear when birds chick die. If you want to build a blue tit birdhouse, I found an article that can help you. And a good woodworking book with birdhouse plans. https://birdhouseplan.com/inside-max-woodwork-book/...
  12. J

    Nesting box camera - hole too small?

    I think a 32mm entry hole is not a problem. Measures is entry hole height from the floor, or the floor size is correct. The black capped chickadee birdhouse is also suitable for the blue tit. Use these dimensions and installation instructions and blue tits should like it...
  13. J

    Do Blue Tits check the nest box for size?

    I don't know if the blue tit measures the nest box, but I know the nest box must be the right size for each bird species. Here is a great article for chickadees nesting habits and more https://birdhouseplan.com/chickadee-birdhouse-plans/ Alsow good article about birdhouse sizes...
  14. J

    New Sustainable Birdhouse

    Your birdhouse looks good and you have used environmentally friendly materials, but it does not meet the requirements of birds. The birdhouse entrance is too large and the height of the opening from the floor is too low. The chicks just fall out of there. When building a birdhouse, remember what...
  15. J

    What Bird Feeder to get next? Also--what other kinds of food?

    Hi. Here is a good article on what backyard birds eat. What do birds eat - Bird House Plan Different bird food attract different birds.