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Recent content by JANJ

  1. JANJ

    yellow wagtail - ssp feldegg/grey headed

    Was the bird heard calling? JanJ
  2. JANJ

    Asian Warbler ID Help

    I wich those articles on your site were in english! 😉 JanJ
  3. JANJ

    Wagtail ID - Belarus

    I agree with Alexander' suggestions here. I think that the the identification of some alba and yarrellii is far from straightforward, meaning that ageing, intergrades might pose a bigger challenge than realized. I think that the Adriaens article highlights some of these problems well. My...
  4. JANJ

    Wagtail ID - Belarus

    Question is if the bird was considered as dark as it shows up in the pic in the field? When lighten up as shown below this 2cy seems good enough as an alba White Wagtail.
  5. JANJ

    SW Florida - Hawk

    Good characters on a young Red-shouldered Hawk. JanJ
  6. JANJ

    2 large gulls from Cyprus

    Hi SJC! The 2cy is a fine armenicus. http://www.gull-research.org/armenicus/02cyfebr.html The other might be a subadult barabensis, my best guess. Nice photos as usual JanJ
  7. JANJ

    large white-headed Gull sp, Cyprus

    Great pic as usual SJC! JanJ
  8. JANJ

    Gull in Hong Kong today: ID pls

    Hi! I agree to Mongolian Gull, a 3cy/4cy type. JanJ
  9. JANJ

    Gull identification UK

    Yes, a Herring Gull. JanJ
  10. JANJ

    Besra or Shikra?

    Maybe this will help... https://photographyandbirds.wordpress.com/identification-and-plumage-descriptions-of-six-accipiter-species/ JanJ
  11. JANJ

    Ortolan or Grey-necked Bunting from Northern Pakistan

    Some thoughts here, notice Mick's and my comment below on tertial pattern:https://birdingfrontiers.wordpress.com/2010/09/09/ortolan-bunting/ An October bird from Germany. Notice the tertial pattern:https://www.club300.de/gallery/?gal=1&cat=0&mode=1&id=977 JanJ
  12. JANJ

    İstanbul - Turkey Which Gull ?

    This is your 2cy gull. http://gull-research.org/ylg/2cyfebr.html JanJ
  13. JANJ

    Variations in Herring Gull (Larus argentatus vegae) - Japan

    Hi Joseph, You might wanna think of 1cycle 'taimyrensis as a "LBBG" type due to the plumage similarities in greater covert, scapular (2 generation) to mention a few ones. As can be seen in the linked birds below:https://pbase.com/m_muller/taimyrensis https://pbase.com/smiths_1/taimyr_gull JanJ
  14. JANJ

    Gull - Oman -

    P-robert, compared to your previous pic, the heuglini, notice in the first bird here, the more advanced plumage where a majority of the covert and scapulars are second generation feathers, which is more in line with barabensis. Others as Lou mentioned. JanJ
  15. JANJ

    Gull - Oman - Mirbat

    Put them on.;)