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Recent content by jcwings

  1. jcwings

    Warbler - Gulf of Alaska

    Looks good for Yellow Warbler
  2. jcwings

    Waterfowl ID, NE Pennsylvania

    If you say so. I can also make out a turtle down low and in front. It's sort of like "Where's Waldo"
  3. jcwings

    Downy or a Hairy? MA, USA

    Compare bill size with this Hairy I digiscoped in the spring: http://www.flickr.com/photos/almiyi/2443976494/
  4. jcwings

    Vireo? MA, USA

    I've lightened the image (and that's all). Looks like Warbling to me, although your Eastern Warbling Vireos are more colorful (yellow) than those we see in the west. Still, I don't see enough yellow in the upper breast to make me think Philadelphia Vireo.
  5. jcwings

    Warbler Woes ...Las Vegas, NV

    Bird #2 could be either Cordilleran or Pacific-slope Flycatcher ("Western" Flycatcher is a comfortable call). A juvenile too based on the buffy wing bars and tertial edges. Not knowing which species breeds in the area where you took the photos makes it hard to say with certainty.
  6. jcwings

    Yellow Wagtail sp, NEW YORK

    We just had an Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Santa Barbara County, CA (a link to a few photos are in my signature, "Birds where I live") and this was following a recent report of a heard only bird from either Washington State or Oregon just a week prior. There may be some sort of movement of Eastern...
  7. jcwings

    Waterfowl ID, NE Pennsylvania

    I can see Wood Duck and Killdeer. Not sure about the "stump" bird.
  8. jcwings

    Willet? (Sandy Hook, NJ)

    That's what it is- a juvenile Eastern Willet.
  9. jcwings

    From Tim Wootton's Studio

    Stunning rendition. I never thought about sketching from a real life subject like this. Mine always end up in the specimen collection of the local natural history museum.
  10. jcwings

    gull, California, USA

    And thirded
  11. jcwings

    Hummingbird ID needed - Hatfield Pennsylvania

    Has to be Ruby-throated. I was taken with the amount of rufous on the sides. The Williamson guide (Hummers of NA) states that females often have tawny patches on the flanks so apparently this is a common feature. Never seen one in CA, although there is a nice male in Nevada County right now.
  12. jcwings

    Review of the "New" Peterson Field Guide

    This is a great review of the "new" Roger Tory Peterson Field Guide to Birds of North America. Those who have all the Peterson guides (like I do) probably won't find too much new here, although there are changes. The review is honest, critisizes, and praises where it needs to. It sounds like the...
  13. jcwings

    Monarch ATB 8x42 question ... eye relief doesn't lock (right eye)

    Interesting. I have these bins as a spare pair and immediately had this eye cup issue being discussed. My solution was also installing O-rings. An assortment pack (or the "right" size) can be picked up at any hardware or home improvement store in the plumbing section. It's a very inexpensive and...
  14. jcwings

    Female Ruby Throated (I think) at backyard feeder... Queens NY

    Ruby-throated is the default hummer in the NE. Other species will show up (mostly Rufous) but these are quite rare.
  15. jcwings

    ID from Houston, USA

    I would think Lesser Goldfinch would show more white on the tertials, but it's really hard to tell from this photo. I have seen Pine Warblers on the ground. I'm not really sure what these are.