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Recent content by Jim M.

  1. J

    Focus on telephoto and video

    I really like the EM-1 mk ii, and I like what the Olympus engineer says about emphasizing telephoto and portability. I hope they do what they say. But their actions do not always match their words. They put their bird autofocus software only in the heaviest and bulkiest micro 4/3 camera they...
  2. J

    Some more hawks

    Ok; since almost immediately deleting something isn't enough for you and you feel the need to make this public, I will explain myself. You are obviously a very knowledgeable birder, and probably know more than me, but to me it's rude to contradict someone without giving a reason. Especially...
  3. J

    Some more hawks

    For the record, that post was there for about five seconds. PM me if you feel the need to discuss further.
  4. J

    Some more hawks

    Ok. Agree with Cooper's. I was focused on it not being a Red-shouldered. I see some adult Cooper's can have brown rather than red barring on the underparts. But the same brown barring is also found on Broad-winged.
  5. J

    Some more hawks

    Broad-winged Hawk for 2-3; Red-shouldered would never have such wide white tail bands, and I see pale windows, not crescents. Not a Cooper's because, well, it's a buteo not an accipiter; note also pointed rather than rounded wings, and barring rather than streaking on the breast.
  6. J

    Some kind of Hawk? - Eastern Ontario, Canada

    Agree with Red-tailed Hawk, which is by far the most common buteo in the region at this time of year. Certainly look like patagial bars to me.
  7. J

    What type of Bee, Essex UK

    It is a fly in the frit or grass fly family, Chloropidae, possibly Thaumatomyia glabra. Very cool.
  8. J

    Sparrow NJ

    Agree with Swamp Sparrow. Lincoln's would have a buffy eye ring as well.
  9. J

    What type of Sparrow

    White-throated and Swamp can be tough to separate sometimes, but that would be an unusually long tail for a Swamp Sparrow. Was the photo taken in a wetland or near water?
  10. J

    What type of Sparrow

    All Song, except #3, for which I'd go for White-throated.
  11. J

    Best light-weight tripod and head for Kowa 883

    I've used the PH157Q two-way head on my 883 for years and it works great for me – in my experience sturdier and/or lighter than Manfrotto heads. I have a carbon fiber Velbon tripod. Nick's calculations suggest you could save considerable weight with these (though I'm not sure if the tripod I...
  12. J

    US dragonfly

    Male Slaty Skimmer (Libellula incesta)
  13. J

    Ebird - species blurbs

    I just checked the description of Mute Swan, as of this date it says "Native to northern Europe and Asia, but introduced in many regions."
  14. J

    New Olympus 100-400

    I think the premise is dubious--would need to be convinced by tests, and expect it holds true, if at all, in only limited circumstances. For example, I know I get greater hand shake from the fatigue of holding heavier lenses. In any event, if you prefer to haul around more dead weight, go...