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Recent content by jimtfoto

  1. jimtfoto

    RFI - Barn Owls in Palm City?

    Came across an article recently that mentioned the re-introduction of barn owl nesting boxes in Palm City, Florida. Wondering if anyone had info on whether this was successful, and if there is perhaps a website with info on locations (I have Googled, but with no success) as does Cape Coral with...
  2. jimtfoto

    peregrine falcon problem

    Observers believe another female came in looking to take over her territory. We have been checking on the nesting box for some time and, since that incident, only a male peregrine has been in evidence. Perhaps the interloper moved on after the kill.
  3. jimtfoto

    peregrine falcon problem

    FYI ... here's a pic of a Peregrine kill we came across a couple of days ago. There were three dead pigeons in the area .. one on a road, one high in a tower (we could see it through zoom lens) and this one. We're not sure why the Peregrine would have left three dead pigeons, but his behavior...
  4. jimtfoto

    Worst misidentification

    A couple of years ago, we were shooting at Ding Darling, on Florida's Sanibel Island. Since I use a Sigma 300-800, it usually attracts some attention. We had come across a Red-shouldered hawk in beautiful light and an almost perfect background. Within minutes, a crowd of about a dozen people...
  5. jimtfoto

    RFI - Viera Wetlands

    Thanks Alex ... I look forward to your report. It was the caracaras and eagles that we were mostly interested in. Cheers, jim
  6. jimtfoto

    RFI - Viera Wetlands

    Thanks for the reply Trevor ... . Cheers, jim
  7. jimtfoto

    RFI - Viera Wetlands

    My wife and I are currently in Southwest Florida (Fort Myers Beach area) on a bird photography holiday and were thinking of a cross-state trek to check out the Viera Wetlands. I'd appreciate it if anyone familiar with the area could let us know what the birding is like there currently...
  8. jimtfoto

    RFI: Lake Okeechobee ... kites ... skimmers ....

    Appreciate your input, John .... I'll check out those areas as well. Cheers, jim
  9. jimtfoto

    RFI: Lake Okeechobee ... kites ... skimmers ....

    Thanks Mike ... Merritt Island is another location on our list. Cheers, jim
  10. jimtfoto

    RFI: Lake Okeechobee ... kites ... skimmers ....

    Hi: We're planning another visit to Florida in January and, along with the spots we normally photograph at, were wondering about the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail. My understanding is that this is a more-than-100-mile trail on which vehicles are discouraged. Since we will be driving, does anyone...
  11. jimtfoto

    Sigma "Bigma" 50-500mm lens

    I believe LowePro's "Reporter" series of shoulder bags has a zipper on the top for quick access. cheers, jim
  12. jimtfoto

    The Little Egret & the Comorant

    Have observed similar behaviour in the past. Just recently at Ding Darling we saw a Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret following a Double-Crested Cormorant as it swam about hunting fish. Whenever the Cormorant surfaced, it was a race between the Heron and Egret to be first on the scene. cheers, jim
  13. jimtfoto

    White feathered Sparrow.

    Haven't seen a House sparrow with that much white. I did, however, photograph a Song sparrow with lots of white. Here's a link - http://www.pix2go.ca/gallery/PicOfTheWeek/MG_5715sharp cheers, jim
  14. jimtfoto

    Hello and Bird ID help please

    I was also leaning toward Swainson's ... and if the photo was taken in New York, it's very much within the species range ... check out http://www.birds.cornell.edu/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide for more info cheers, jim
  15. jimtfoto

    Looking for a North-American bird guide

    Morag2: You didn't specify exactly where in Canada you are, but I give another vote for the Sibley guides. We're in the Toronto area, and there are several other good area specific reference books available for Ontario and Eastern Canada. cheers, jim