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Recent content by John A Roberts

  1. John A Roberts

    Arek's new 12x50 Reviews

    Hi Obserwatorek, Thanks for the additional information about the eyepiece construction. And apologies for wrongly crediting the x-ray image. Google Translate showed the caption: 'Zdjęcie rentgenowskie lornetki Nikon Action EX 12x50 CF. Fot. Obserwatorek' as: 'X-ray image of Nikon Action EX...
  2. John A Roberts

    Arek's new 12x50 Reviews

    The article also includes an x-ray image of Nikon Action EX 12x50's optical construction from Photo Watchers * (with a 2 lens objective and what seems to be a 4 lens eyepiece in a 2, 1, 1 configuration): * The image is by Obserwatorek - and the eyepiece has a 5 lens construction - see posts...
  3. John A Roberts

    ZDED vs ZDWP

    For five images from a 2021 Pentax catalogue, showing the differences between the two Z lines, see post #2 at: Pentax ZD 10x43 ED The 20 page 17 MB catalogue can be found at: https://us.ricoh-imaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/PENTAX_catalog_en-web.pdf (it seems to be the most recent one...
  4. John A Roberts

    Arek's new 12x50 Reviews

    And for more comparisons and food for thought, Arek has recently added reviews of two more 12x50’s! • Leupold BX-4 Pro Guide HD 12x50 - binoculars review - AllBinos.com • Vortex Viper HD 12x50 (2018) - binoculars review - AllBinos.com John
  5. John A Roberts

    Older Porro Prisms

    A Nikon 7x35 Porro with a 9.3 degree FOV? The first seems to have been the CF Action model of 1984. And then continued with: the Action V/ Naturalist IV of 1996; the Action VII/ EX of 2003, and; the Aculon A211 of 2013. The information is from an Excel spreadsheet of Nikon models that was...
  6. John A Roberts

    DIY prism shift image stabilisation for spotting scope/telescope/monocular

    Three images of the Zeiss 20x60 S mechanically image stabilised monocular referred to by Henry in post #5, from: https://vintage.cameramate.com/zeiss-ds-20-x-60-s-spotting-scope-monocular-with-image-stabilization_34504.html And for a lot more info on the (relatively) more common binocular...
  7. John A Roberts

    Serial number question - how old are my binoculars?

    Hi zolo1x, Firstly, welcome to the forum. Prior to 1991, the serial numbering on the Habicht series consisted of numerals, as on your unit * And from the units that I've observed, yours dates from the mid 1970's. For the details of the numbering on the main leatherette Habicht production up...
  8. John A Roberts

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Hi Henry (post #78), Just to clarify about the 460 mm objective focal length . . . Prior to the introduction of the C series telescopes, all the fixed body and draw tube models had a focal length of 460 mm, as is shown in the page from the 2005 catalogue. But, I’ve not seen any indication...
  9. John A Roberts

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    I’ve been keeping an eye out to see if any reviews have popped up for the ATC and STC, but until now there seems to have only been one. That was by Mike Alibone, which Andrew previously linked to back in post #12, see: Swarovski ATC 17-40x56 travelscope - BirdGuides Mike indicated that his...
  10. John A Roberts

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    Hi Will (post #49), Just to be clear, either the ATC or STC can be mounted directly to a tripod without the half shell (is that a Tenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference by someone at Absam? :ninja:), see the details from the manual in post #15. John
  11. John A Roberts

    7x42 Ultravid

    The Ultravid focuser mechanism was improved with the introduction of the HD version in 2007, and the catalog from the time includes two images showing the mechanism (one clearer, one showing more of the focuser train). And note the reference to the use of Teflon in the upgrade: The links to...
  12. John A Roberts

    LEITZ’S TRINOVIDS - Models and Numbering

    Leitz and Leica Roof Prism Binocular Lines Leitz commenced binocular production in 1907 However, the first roof prism binoculars were not manufactured until after WWII A) Leitz • 3.2x14 Oberon (with Sprenger prisms) in 1952 See a clear set of images at...
  13. John A Roberts

    LEITZ’S TRINOVIDS - Models and Numbering

    Hi Farrand (post #73), A bit of terminology . . . The original Leitz company was registered in 1869 to manufacture microscopes. Then in 1907 they commenced to manufacture binoculars. In 1924 they began manufacturing their first camera. It was the first of the fabulous 35 mm screw thread mount...
  14. John A Roberts

    New ATC/ STC 17-40x56 Telescope

    There is a long European tradition of using low to moderate power draw tube telescopes with various improvised rests (so perhaps some application with the ATC and STC models?): The first telescope introduced by Swarovski in 1967 was a draw tube model, and there are still two in the lineup! *...
  15. John A Roberts

    leitz strap removal

    Hi T, For some info about the 6x24's start with posts #31 and 39 at: Questions on Leitz Wetzlar bino missing ep collar Trinovid(?) John