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Recent content by John Cantelo

  1. John Cantelo

    Your most anticipated futures books

    I can't find any details of the book online let alone who the main authors are so can you send a link or tells us who they are? The post and the link provided only refers to "Smiths" & "adriaens" (presumably Dutch author Peter Adriaens). I think the key to the success of the book will rest...
  2. John Cantelo

    Your most anticipated futures books

    I see from another BF thread that there's a new book on gulls nearing completion (see here ).
  3. John Cantelo

    What are your 10 favorite binoculars

    Your 10 most favourite binoculars that you own? That's more than I've owned in almost 60 years of birding. I thought birders were an obsessive lot but binocular aficionados are evidently much worse!
  4. John Cantelo

    Little Bustard in sharp decline

    An interesting is depressing comparison. Does this mean the Spanish 2014-2018 is now available or is it just a screenshot?
  5. John Cantelo

    Best Wildlife Destinations

    Africa's 'megafauna' makes it a unique destination but if we're just talking birds then Hokkaido in winter is hard to beat. More parochially from a European perspective then, as has already been mentioned, Tarifa & the Strait of Gibraltar for raptor migration is a must-see birding experience.
  6. John Cantelo

    Favourite Book About Birds/Birding?

    I found it fascinating but then I am a retired History teacher with an interest in birds and Andalusia. The trip wasn't during the civil war but just before it started.
  7. John Cantelo

    Top 10 Birds of 2020

    Were you following me or did I follow you? However, I had disappointing views of the last-named so would substitute it with Fork-tailed Storm Petrel. I'd also probably substitute 4 & 5 with Demoiselle Crane & Oriental Stork. That would still leave Ancient & Japanese Murrelet, Dusky Thrush and...
  8. John Cantelo

    European Breeding Bird Atlas 2

    Thus far the only irritant I've found is where the text refers to the 'European breeding population' (or similar) for those species (Dead Sea & Pale Sparrows, several wheatears, etc) found in areas included in the atlas but which have never been regarded as part of Europe (or at least not by any...
  9. John Cantelo

    European Breeding Bird Atlas 2

    My copy of this monumental book (in every sense of the word) arrived this morning the day after publication (unlike 'All the Birds of the World' for which I had to wait for almost two weeks!). It is such an important work that I feel it deserves a thread of its own. My initial impressions are...
  10. John Cantelo

    Your most anticipated futures books

    There was an excellent workshop & presentation online today which can be seen at (215) EBBA2 book launch - YouTube - a short overview of what it looks like can be found at about 1 hr 7 mins in. It looks absolutely superb and a must-have for anyone interested in European birds.
  11. John Cantelo

    Value sweet spot?

    I've always been told that one of the greatest benefits of more expensive instruments is as much about their superior quality control than any great improvements in their optical potential of the design & materials themselves.
  12. John Cantelo

    Duck, Cyprus 21st November 2020 - help with ID please

    I'm inclined to think Scaup hybrid too on similar lines as Steve. It doesn't feel right for a Tuftie.
  13. John Cantelo

    Your most anticipated futures books

    Thanks for the heads up - on the basis of these plates a rough estimate suggests the new guide will have more than twice as many images per species than Harrison's original (plus more species of course). It's also good to see the use of annotations on the plate.
  14. John Cantelo

    Your most anticipated futures books

    I had an email today to tell me that Lynx have "finished processing" my order for the European Bird Atlas 2 so, hopefully, it should be arriving soon!