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Recent content by John Frink

  1. J

    Leica Pocket like all purpose bino?

    I respectfully disagree. When I was young and my eyesight was better, I spent several years in a "minimalist" phase, where I did serious birding carrying only a Zeiss Classic 10x25 binocular; no field guide, no electronics, no scope, nothing else. It did require some effort and practice to get...
  2. J

    The mistake of buying an Ultravid HD+ 7x42

    ...and it's very good!
  3. J

    Retrovid 7X35 a viable birding binocular?

    I believe the 16 mm figure; with my thin-frame eyeglasses I generally need 14-15 mm of eye relief to see the entire field of view of a bino, and with the Leica 7x35 and the eye-cups down I can get blackouts if my eye-placement isn't perfect. I put a 1.6 mm o-ring under each eye-cup to lift them...
  4. J

    Ultravid HD+ - Any changes in the overdrive past infinity?

    I believe the OP's original question did not relate to any diopter difference between the barrels, but rather how far past infinity the bino can focus with the diopter correction set to zero. Please correct me if I misunderstood.
  5. J

    Ultravid HD+ - Any changes in the overdrive past infinity?

    Both my 7x42 and 8x42 UV HD+ appear to go at least 7 diopters past infinity. I can't be certain, since the scales are only marked to 4, and I don't know if they are linear beyond that point, but my guess is that either one would easily accommodate your -5.5 diopter requirement. If you could find...
  6. J

    Swarovski 8x25 CL vs Zeiss 8x25 Victory Pocket

    As long as the ambient light level is high enough (daylight, typically) that your pupils contract to 2.5mm or smaller, you will not perceive either the 8x or the 10x as being brighter or darker than the other; once the light level drops below that point, the 3.1 mm exit pupil of the 8x25 will...
  7. J

    7/8x42 ultravid hd+ vs swarovski el42?

    Short answer: yes, in my opinion. For me, the important question is: how do you feel about flat-field vs. curved-field binos? If the distinction is important to you, then the decision is easy; if it's not, then it's not. I strongly prefer curved-field binos, so my favorites are mostly all Leica...
  8. J

    Ultravid 42mm rainguard replacement

    The Swarovski "Silent Rubber Rainguard" is expensive, but it's a perfect fit for 42mm Leica UV, 42mm EDG, 32mm Vortex Viper, 42mm Swarovski NEU, 42mm Swarovski EL WB (pre-SV, pre-FP), Zeiss 7x42 B/GAT, and others. Easy on/off, quiet, safe. I've collected a bunch of them over the years. It's as...
  9. J

    Leica 8 x 32 Ultravid HD plus

    I view with glasses also, and the 8x32 UV has just enough eye relief for me to see the entire field; but I have thin metal eyeglass frames, with adjustable bridge rests, and they sit close to my face. A heavy plastic frame with thick lenses would probably prevent most users from seeing the...
  10. J


    Not to quibble, but the wonderful FL 7x42 does exhibit significant astigmatism at the edge of its field, with the result that if you actually try to use the edge for target identification you may be disappointed. I think the FL is a brilliant bino, and I very much enjoyed the one I had, but...
  11. J

    Best high-end birding binoculars without "rolling ball" effect?

    Oh, but it will be as bright as the 42 equivalent, until the light level drops enough to cause your pupils to enlarge beyond 4mm; at that point the 42s will have the advantage. I have both 8x32 and 8x42 FLs, and in normal daylight they are equally bright.
  12. J

    Nikon DCF

    Agreed, a nice bino. I have the 12x36 version, no case or box but in pristine condition. As you say, the optics are not quite the equal of today's best, but still provide a very good view. John
  13. J

    EL 8.5x42 Mk1 vs new kids on the block

    I have one from 2003, and in my opinion it holds its own very well when compared with Leica UV, Zeiss FL and HT, and Nikon EDG. If the optics are clear and undamaged, a few scars and cosmetic blemishes don't mean a thing.
  14. J

    A growing addiction....

    That doesn't match my experience; I have 7x42, 8x42, and 8x32 UVHD+, and in normal daylight I find them all to be equally bright. I think they're all superb binos, but given your long and happy relationship with the 8x20 Trinovids I would recommend the 8x32 for you. Just my opinion.
  15. J

    SLC range to be discontinued by Swarovski!

    I have the same two binos, and I agree. I see from your photo that you've got O-rings under the Meopta's eyecups to lift them a bit, and I've done the same!