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Recent content by JWN Andrewes

  1. JWN Andrewes

    South Texas March 2020

    Good stuff Hamhed, always nice to get a flavour of the birding in far off parts of the world.
  2. JWN Andrewes

    Mystery bird print/artwork (late 1800s)

    Upper one looks like maybe a Blue-necked Tanager. The light blue on the belly of the lower one makes me suspect it's a not very accurate Bay-headed Tanager.
  3. JWN Andrewes

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    Fedw Fawr used to be the go to site, but it's a swine to access and Tysties are easy enough around Holyhead these days so it's probably not so much on the itinerary of many Anglesey jaunts any more.
  4. JWN Andrewes

    January Moths 2021

    A Chestnut attracted to the bathroom light last night kicks my moth year off.
  5. JWN Andrewes

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    I would lose more from Wales than Scotland, 16 in all, predictably mostly from the north. No fewer than eight on Angelsey (Green Heron, Killdeer, Sooty & Bridled Terns, Gyrfalcon, Turkestan Shrike, Black Lark & Savi’s Warbler), Black Scoter off Llanfairfechan, Lesser Grey Shrike at Aberdaron...
  6. JWN Andrewes

    Scottish independence and your UK list....

    I seem to be hearing a lot in the news at the moment about a push for a second Scottish Independence Referendum. Leaving aside the politics of this (please!!), how many species would you lose from your UK list? I know a lot of folk keep a British Isles list, or a Britain & Ireland list that...
  7. JWN Andrewes

    Griswold’s UK Birding List 2021

    Well done on the half century Rich. I'm self isolating at the moment (last day today) so haven't made it out to look for Dipper yet, but Arch has seen it every day of the year do far! He's capitalising on me being housebound by pulling away on the year list - he's on 44 to my 38. Best of luck...
  8. JWN Andrewes

    American Bird Jigsaw!

    It's red throat & yellow belly Nutty, I presume.
  9. JWN Andrewes

    Calling all photographers.... location photos wanted!

    More from Costanera Sur, Buenos Aires.... 6) Looking south(ish) from viewing platform near the top end of Camino de los Lagartos. 7) Looking north-west (ish) from viewing platform near the top end of Camino de los Lagartos. 8) Looking south across Laguna de los Coipos from near the Alvear...
  10. JWN Andrewes

    Calling all photographers.... location photos wanted!

    As promised, some Costanera Sur pics Each photo is named with its “What Three Words” location, so far as I can figure out 6 years after the fact. (Although it helps that the images on Google Streetview were taken the same month I was there!) 1) Looking north from the path along the north...
  11. JWN Andrewes

    Rio de Janeiro and the Atlantic Rain Forest - Salvaging 2020

    I've really enjoyed reading this Trystan, we stayed at Andy's place for a couple of weeks back in 2005, had a great time and saw a lot of the same stuff as you, which this report has brought back to mind, so thanks for taking the time to share it.
  12. JWN Andrewes

    Dream Moth 2021

    Ha! I originally wrote the OP, then thought "that's a bit impersonal", changed it to Andy but obviously overlooked the definite article in the edit. Hope it catches on for you!
  13. JWN Andrewes

    Dream Moth 2021

    Ooh, so many to choose from! I could probably come up with a dozen or so muchly wanted garden moths, but no I'll not be greedy, and I'll stick to the parameters laid out by the Andy. Eyed Hawk-moth please! (Merveille du Jour an excellent choice by the way, phwoooaaaarrr!!!!!)
  14. JWN Andrewes

    Guesses anyone?

    Palm Warbler for 2? 1 is a Gnatcatcher, don't know offhand which one(s) you'd get there.
  15. JWN Andrewes

    December Moths

    Two Winter Moths and a Mottled Umber this morning