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Recent content by kb57

  1. kb57

    Global birding in a nutshell (or is it in an eggshell?) - Bird Families of the World!

    Ah, I should've looked more carefully at Scythebill! Thanks for the link, I'll have to add my families list.
  2. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Finished day 1 with a dusk circuit of my local woods, ending up with 11,715 steps, so met my target. Only added song thrush to my day list with a couple of birds holding territory, and watched jackdaws flying into a large corvid roost in another nearby woodland further down the valley. Lots of...
  3. kb57

    Global birding in a nutshell (or is it in an eggshell?) - Bird Families of the World!

    I'm at a modest 48% going on IOC taxonomy, with 122 / 252 (IOC 11.1). I totally understand the 'collecting families' thing, if you are not in a position through age or income (or both in my case) to go for 8000+ species, collecting families means maximising the diversity of birds you've seen...
  4. kb57

    Man killed by his own Rooster

    The article quotes a third incident as well, all within the past year. Sympathy for the Philippine police officer who was trying to break up a cockfight (albeit only illegal there because of Covid) but the other two are worthy Darwin Award candidates.
  5. kb57

    What are some 'most species in a day' birding records?

    Think my PB is about 107, ironically from my non-birding years when I made up the numbers in a birding race in Northumberland; the winning team as I recall had 120+. I remember also having a high day list from a visit to Bharatpur in the early 80s, also from my non-birding wilderness years. I...
  6. kb57

    KB57s 2021 list

    Mar 01: NW Durham An hour and a half walk of 6km wasn't enough to meet my charity walk goals (cf 'My Birding Day'), but yielded a couple of new additions to the year list, one of which I hadn't seen locally for some years. There was a certain inevitability about seeing another willow tit soon...
  7. kb57

    KB57s 2021 list

    Feb 27: North Newcastle-on-Tyne We weren't more than 200m away from my partner's house when she spotted a treecreeper, which gave great views. She confidently predicted she'd get me willow tit and yellowhammer next, and sure enough she was right! I reciprocated by finding her some skylarks -...
  8. kb57

    March for March 11,000 step birding

    Day 1/31: March 01 Feeling particularly slothful one day last month, I signed up for the Prostate Cancer UK 'March for March' 11,000 step a day challenge. I stuck in £50 to show some commitment, and will proceed to hassle my friends and family for cash over the next 31 days. For once I haven't...
  9. kb57

    Birds of Chile, Helm

    An update on the 2003 Jaramillo book?
  10. kb57

    Will Panasonic FZ80/FZ300 download to iPhone/IPad?

    AFAIK any camera with an SD card can download to iPhone or iPad using an SD to lightning adaptor. It is then just a matter of having the appropriate app for the file format you're shooting in. My partner has a G9 and previously had an FZ200 - she shoots JPEGs so Photos is fine; I shoot in RAW...
  11. kb57

    Is the future of birding electric?

    For the last couple of years it has been compulsory in EU and UK for EVs and hybrids to generate a noise when travelling at low speeds, so slightly older cars will be silent. It takes all the fun out of creeping up behind people in car parks, but it's better than having to use a guy walking in...
  12. kb57

    Anyone else got a plan a and plan b trip?

    Plan A has already been cancelled - East Lothian at the end of March, around my partner's birthday. She's going to have the distinction of having had two 'lockdown birthdays', albeit starting to ease by then in terms of seeing people. So we now have May and June provisional trips planned, too...
  13. kb57

    KB57s 2021 list

    Feb 20: Coquet Estuary near Warkworth, Northumberland The above title looks really bad in the context of lockdown, but let me explain....my partner and I needed to take the work van up to Northumberland to pick a bulky item up, and decided to take a slightly more circuitous route back south...
  14. kb57

    Gander's Panama Canopy Lodge Webcam List 2021

    Oh no...you've reminded me of the Canopy Lodge webcam...that's my working day messed up!
  15. kb57

    Is the future of birding electric?

    Range I've dealt with - I think once you get to 300+ miles you are in business (the Kona is nearly there and I think the VW ID3/4s will exceed it, perhaps not with the models which are out now). Effect of four birders and gear - that's a 'don't know' from me, obviously at present - my partner...