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Recent content by KenM

  1. KenM

    Another potential Flycatcher ID issue

    Most birds conform to the “classic” type, however as in most things you will find a degree of variability within a species and sometimes they can be to an extreme. Whether this is the case with the subject bird I cannot say as I haven’t seen many EP’s, but I’m sure US birders could contribute...
  2. KenM

    Blyth's Reed Warbler or Reed Warbler RSPB Middleton Lakes, UK, June 21st

    The emargination on p3 (image 2) appears to be in alignment within the overlying tertial area which makes it a Blyth’s Reed Warbler not to mention the short pp. Cheers
  3. KenM

    Gtr Manchester June 2021 - possible Cetti's Warbler

    Your bird appears to have a long-ish rufous tail, and short-ish rufous wings...going arse-up into cover...looks like you’re in with a chance Earnest Lad.👍
  4. KenM

    Subalpine Warbler (Sylvia cantillans)

    Thanks for sharing.👍
  5. KenM

    Peep sandpiper - Southern Ontario June 18-19/2021

    I’m thinking Semipalmated Sandpiper. Cheers
  6. KenM

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    I’ll let the “brotherhood” decide on that one H! FWIW H....I’ve had Black Redstart, Wheatear, Little Grebe, Garden Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Greenfinch, Firecrest, Treeper, Lesser Spot. and Coot all within a mile of my abode...and I can’t have any of them.😢😢😢
  7. KenM

    Garden / Yard List 2021

    Did it originate in your viewing remit area H?
  8. KenM

    Alder Flycatcher?

    Looking at the primary projection, they appear to be half that of the tertials, whereas Acadian’s should be almost equal according to Sibley? Cheers
  9. KenM

    ID please - Sanliurfa Turkey

    The primary to tertial ratio is correct for Eastern Olivaceous, half the length of the overhanging tertials. I assume you are referring to the pale edging on the secondaries of the starboard wing on image 1. Individuals can often show this feature being light and angle dependant, you’ll note...
  10. KenM

    ID please - Sanliurfa Turkey

    Looks like another Eastern Olivaceous to my eye, excellent shots by the way.👍 Cheers
  11. KenM

    Alder Flycatcher?

    Have to presume that the only other Empid range candidate would be Willow (more common thus more likely?), however I wouldn’t like to attempt separation on these images alone . Cheers
  12. KenM

    Odd BOP NEast London

    FWIW Alexander, here are three straight out of the can without any correction apart from being heavily cropped. Cheers
  13. KenM

    help please to ID this bird - Steppe Sanliurfa Turkey

    I think you’re right with EO, it’s certainly an Iduna and well within range. Cheers
  14. KenM

    help please to ID this bird - forest, BC Canada

    I’ll suggest (with caution) a Brown-headed Cowbird? Cheers