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Recent content by kevtubb

  1. K

    Green-flowered Helleborine?

    I finally managed to photograph these Helleborines which I am pretty confident are Green-flowered Helleborine. Can someone confirm please? Regards Kevin
  2. K

    More Boggy time

    Another day in the New Forest and with some more help I believe I've finally tracked down my first Bog Orchids They are so tiny :) I hope I am right in the identification?
  3. K

    Boggy plants ID

    I'm stuck on identifying on the following plants seen in the bogs of the New Forest (UK) Can anyone help?
  4. K

    Actual Narrow-lipped Helleborine :-)

    Following on from my earlier thread, I think I can safely assume that, with some kind assistance, I was finally able to see Narrow-lipped Helleborine. I hope people agree? Kevin
  5. K

    Possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine

    Thanks - I'm not sure I quite understand but I will go with what you are saying - looks like I need to invest in another book - Wild Flower Key. I assume, then, that all my original photos are all Broad-leaved Helleborine? Just to throw a slight curve ball - are you able to tell me if these...
  6. K

    Moth sp.

    I saw this moth on recently in Surrey. I can't identify it - can anyone?
  7. K

    Possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine

    Can I ask what you mean by that? Why do the last two pictures IMG_5496.JPEG and P1120245.JPG show a very pointed lip - is this something that can occur in Broad-leaved Helleborine as well?
  8. K

    Wood White?

    Thanks - I've also got confirmation on another site that they are Wood Whites. I am now led to believe the Small White pictures are in fact Green-veined White.
  9. K

    Possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine

    I found a lot of Helleborine's at Sheepleas yesterday and checked all those in flower for possible Narrow-lipped Helleborine. The majority appeared to be Broad-leaved Helleborine (if not all) but there is this one plant that looks very good for Narrow-lipped Helleborine. It was tricky to get...
  10. K

    Wood White?

    I spent some time at Oaken Wood (Surrey). I photographed a number of whites I assume were all Small White but then I got home and check my photos and think I have actually got photos of Wood White - they look good against the UK Butterflies pictures: Wood White...
  11. K

    Green-flowered Helleborine

    I live in Fleet, Hampshire (UK) I am trying to build up my list of UK Orchids and have done well so far this year. The next ones on my list are these: 1. Broad-leaved Helleborine - I am going to try Sheepleas in Surrey 2. Narrow-lipped Helleborine - I am going to try Sheepleas in Surrey 3...
  12. K

    Possible Pugsley's Marsh Orchid

    Thanks all for the input. I have read closely the WildGuides orchids book and taking into consideration the northerly bias of the species and the characteristics laid out in the orchids book I think I will stick to Southern Marsh Orchid - it is the most likely and can see no pictures of mine...
  13. K

    Possible Pugsley's Marsh Orchid

    I am led to believe reading various websites that there is a possibility of Pugsley's Marsh Orchids at Greywell Moors in Hampshire. I went there on Saturday and certainly saw Southern Marsh Orchid. Reading the various literature etc., I am wondering if these pictures (aad/aaf) are good...
  14. K

    Chalk Fragrant Orchid

    Yes I noticed that - it is actually a very distinctively shaped orchid when compared to the Pyramidal Orchids it was close to