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Recent content by Kirk Roth

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    AOU-NACC Proposals 2021

    I think its notable that a couple of the reviewers mention the inconsistency between the McKay's decision and the Haida Gwai Owl decision - and rightful to do so in my opinion. It would have been nice of them to reflect on the differences between the McKay's and Grayson's decisions too, but the...
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    IOC combines forces w/ NACC, SACC, Cornell, and more to produce "global checklist"

    Am I understanding correctly that this has been out there since January and the forum is just now finding out? That's a bit embarrassing! But putting that aside, this is very welcome news. I think this philosophy is essential if the list wants to claim worldwide authority, with the upshot of...
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    Article on nomenclature in Africa.

    The truly progressive listing organization will be the one that finally recognizes and accommodates that the idea of one single "right" common name is demonstrably false. Rather than several lists, each with its own "regional authority," wouldn't it be more authoritative to have one list...
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    I'd be surprised if any members of the NACC or IBRC consider the overall goal of their naming decisions to get people into birding. That sort of thing is more along the lines of what the ABA does - although their leadership has long decided to follow suit with NACC names. I didn't get the...
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    Sixty-second Supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s Check-list of North American Birds

    The Haida Gwai Owl had continued to be phenotypically distinct despite being surrounded by its abundant highly migratory sister species through near parapatry for likely centuries. If there were no reproductive isolation, Haida Gwai Owls would have been genetically swarmed out of existence in...
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    Sixty-second Supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s Check-list of North American Birds

    Yes, I was referring to the ABA blog in Post #10 - I hadn't seen the other post in time. I know the author and his impish sense of humor, so perhaps you're right about the Ocotero. But that will do nothing to alleviate confusion on the matter. Among other decisions it provides for a good...
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    Sixty-second Supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s Check-list of North American Birds

    Does the gull split make up for completely ignoring the Storm-petrel proposal? I'm hoping this blog is more of a rough draft and not that they actually deferred it. But I would expect some mention of it in the latter case.
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    Sixty-second Supplement to the American Ornithological Society’s Check-list of North American Birds

    Indeed. I would wish for more of an explanation on this one - without it the recent Haida Gwai Owl decision makes for a baffling comparison at the moment. I was about to say that the only consistency is in clinging to old checklists as long as possible... Until I noticed within the explanation...
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    Latest IOC diary updates

    Its important to note that in the U.S., school funding policies are done on a state by state basis, with added local flavor that comes down to cities, counties, even townships... some do indeed approach the way you describe and some do not. On average, I agree that there is a lot of inequity in...
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    Its even more complicated than that. The western hesperis subspecies has a deeper voice than the eastern subspecies, so which of those is Nat Geo comparing them to? And the south Florida crows reported to be very different vocally in both tone and repertoire. If you're interested, here is...
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    AOU-NACC Proposals 2021

    Terry Chesser is the current committee Chair - I believe you can contact him if you believe more information should be considered with the proposal (and I believe others have done this as recently as last year): https://americanornithology.org/nacc/guidelines-for-submitting-a-proposal/
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    Butler is not a coauthor on the Slager study. Also if this were a simple reanalysis its interesting that this isn't appearing in the same journal as the original.
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    Warbling Vireo

    But you've heard of a Dunlin, right? In addition to the shorebird, the word hangs on well enough in equestrian circles. Aside from the description of a very neutral brownish gray, a secondary meaning of the word is along the lines of "dull or drab." So perhaps this is perfect for a...
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    Gentoo Penguin possible future split into 4 species

    I too did not find species-level differences to be well stated in the paper. Indeed one "species" is diagnosed basically on average flipper length (by 5 mm in some cases... with overlapping range!) - which would seem to me the type of difference commonly attributed to subspecies in many...
  15. K


    That, plus the ease at which the different taxa breed means that these lineages are PSC species at best. In some areas of North America (and I would guess Europe too, perhaps other places), the introduced populations have been "supplemented" with both the torquatus and colchicus groups to the...