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Recent content by kitefarrago

  1. kitefarrago

    Can you see red panda independently?

    Travelling independently in China is not easy, but if you can get yourself to Labahe then I would have thought you'd have good chances of seeing them. We spent one morning going up the road by park bus and walking down, and from that admittedly single experience it seems that: They sleep in the...
  2. kitefarrago

    Victoria to Port angeles

    I was thinking Rhinoceros Auklets as well. Andrea
  3. kitefarrago

    Cock of the Rock - Peru or Ecuador?

    The Inkaterra hotel in Aguas Caliente has fruit as well as hummingbird feeders, and they have quite nice gardens which turn into secondary forest. As non-residents we asked nicely whether they minded us having a look around and they were very accommodating. Andrea
  4. kitefarrago

    Hummer 2, June, Copalinga, SE Ecuador

    I agree with you both. Andrea
  5. kitefarrago

    Resizing images for posting and losing quality

    You don't give us a lot of information about how exactly you are resizing, apart from the program you use. How large are the files you end up with? What settings do you use? Do you do this starting with an in-camera jpg that has been adjusted in Photoshop, or are you working from raw? If you are...
  6. kitefarrago

    ABA Big Year 2019

    It so happens that he made some comments about this in the latest blog entry: He thinks he's going to get above 52 for Hawaii, and he's trying to organize a multi-day pelagic. He also mentions that his overall success will rely on `a reasonable Fall season for Alaskan vagrants', and it seems he...
  7. kitefarrago

    That's a lot of Dolphins!

    I'vee seen an estimated 1000 Long-beaked Common dolphins off the coast of Baja California, and the sighting lasted more than 25 minutes too, so I agree that the reported sighting isn't that impressive. Andrea
  8. kitefarrago

    Passerine in Bangladesh, Nov 2018

    I think the breast and belly of the bird are largely in shadow, with only the hindmost part of it lit by sunlight. I therefore think all the underparts are pale, and the dark colour is an artefact. Andrea
  9. kitefarrago

    Another bird Jorupe SW Ecuador

    Niels, I can't help with the id directly, but as somebody who spends a lot of time staring at her own sub-optimal photos, I think the `dark cap' is really just shadow in these photos. Andrea
  10. kitefarrago

    John's Mammals 2019

    The trip took place from mid-May to mid-June, starting in Chengdu and moving roughly counter-clockwise, starting in the north, along the various standard locations to the west of the city: Tangjiahe, Ruoergai and surrounds, Menghi pass from Maerkang, Balangshan, Labahe, Longcanggou. (I'm going...
  11. kitefarrago

    John's Mammals 2019

    I've recently returned from an organized birding trip to Sichuan and Yunnan. We did quite well with mammals, thanks (in part) to two impromptu night drives. Is there any interest in me posting what we saw and where? Andrea
  12. kitefarrago

    Birds in Colombia for ID

    The first looks a better fit for Buff-tailed Coronet to me. The tail is in the shadow and so doesn't look as pale as one might expect. But the bill shape, the white `boots' and the colour of the underwing are all better for that species. Andrea
  13. kitefarrago

    Gloves for binoculars and smartphone in snowy conditions

    I think for specific suggestions you'll probably have to give more details, Jurek. I run quite warm when hiking, so even up to -10 I'm unlikely to want to wear gloves unless I expect to stand a bit. Fleece gloves which are suitable for smartphone use should do the trick in that situation, I...
  14. kitefarrago

    best wellies for birding?

    Travelling with wellington boots in your luggage does indeed take up significant space and weight. I think what the right choice for you is depends on a number of factors: - How picky are you when it comes to the shoes you walk in? - Are you likely to find a pair that will fit you wherever...
  15. kitefarrago

    Hummingbird at Cock of the Rock Lodge, Peru

    Looks like Violet-fronted Brilliant to me. Andrea